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Old 10-28-2016, 02:07 AM
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I was approached here a little while back by a gent looking to change out his CZ455 stock for something a bit more "radical" and adjustable. I was totally unfamiliar with the "Frankenruger" stock he had mentioned wanting to use. Actually had to Google it, lol. They do not make this stock for the CZ455, however he was successful in acquiring an un-inlet version, which he then sent to me. Along with his CZ 455 rifle so I could pick off dimensions and such. I must have just looked at these two stock for a period of time before I started with a plan, of sorts. Here is the original stock laying on the new stock. You can easily see the unique bottom configuration of the new stock.

I wanted to be sure to get the trigger and trigger guard in a position that effectively used the unique curves and such on the new stock bottom. There was a good bit of stock height that needed to be trimmed in order to have the trigger extend out of the stock as it should. One thing that complicated this was the fact that the stippled panels on the forearm, were NOT true to the existing top of the stock. At which point it becomes a matter of figuring out the aesthetics of the stock and getting everything to fit and look right.

I took an edge finder and turned it upside down and used it to angle the stock in the mill so that once I milled the stock top to the needed height, relative to the trigger extension length thru the stock, the panels would also be in alignment with the top. Got the stock angled properly and milled off the top to the desired height, top to bottom where the trigger comes thru, and aligned with the panels and milled the top. I did take some tape and line it out first to make sure before I started milling.

Once I got the top milled I figured out the two takedown screw positions, paying close attention to the trigger location on the stock, and did the inletting. I did mill more material then needed as I am bedding and installing pillars on this build. I left a spot on both ends of the receiver to properly position the barreled receiver in the stock inlet.

Note that I made sure to mill all the way thruthe bottom of the stock, using a .250 endmill, so when I flip the stock over, to mill for the bottom metal and all, I could maintain my alignment.

After flipping the stock over and getting the inlet aligned properly, I stated the mill thru of the mag well and trigger sections.

After which it was time to mill inlet for the bottom metal. The unique configuration and details of the bottom of the stock required a few different set-ups before I settled on the one I thought would perform best. It's hard to see in the pics but the three areas on the stock for the bottom metal, were all at different elevations. For instance, the dip where the trigger would come thru is over .150 lower than the area the mag well is in. I decided to maintain the bottom metal alignment with the mag well area first. The tweak the trigger guard bottom metal as needed to get it down to the "lower" fits.

This also necessitated the modification of the"filler" metal that mounts under the bottom metal. This piece had to be curved to fit and the ends bent to lay in the inlet properly.

And here is where it sits tonight. I need to make screws for the fit up. The pillars are roughed out and will need to be milled to the proper length. Then the bedding, so plenty to do yet.

More to come

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Old 10-28-2016, 04:59 AM

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George, as usual, beautiful work. I can't say I'm in love with the stock, but the fitting looks outstanding.

Glad to see you're now doing some work with CZ's too...

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Old 10-28-2016, 09:34 AM
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Old 10-28-2016, 01:06 PM
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Oh, dang. I think I like that. A lot. Been thinking about one of those stocks for a 10/22 for some time.

Looking forward to the finished product.
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Old 10-28-2016, 05:26 PM
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That is truly outstanding work. I never cease to be amazed at the skill & craftsmanship of some of the folks posting on this site.
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Old 10-28-2016, 07:54 PM

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Well gentlemen I can't say enough good things about George:

This is my stock that he is working on and once I get it back I have a few things to get done but in the end I think this will probably be my favorite rifle

This is going to be a hunting rig (17hmr) but it does well off the bags too.

Just to add some info on the stock. I originally bought a 10-22 stock from Dr. Frankenruger last year. I had talked to him trying to find a stock that had an adjustable cheek rest and but stock. He pointed me towards his KKC stock and told me that if I didn't like the stock he would take it back no questions asked. He was that confident in the design.

So I read up on the design as much as I could and found out that is was designed by a European guy who wanted a more ergonomic hunting stock.

So I said what the heck and ordered one to run on my PWS T-3 toggle 22lr (10-22 footprint). I got the stock in and loved the feel and ergonomics. I still need to send it to George to have it bedded and cleaned up inside but I was sold after holding and shooting it.

I was so sold by the design that I ordered 1 stock for my Tikka T3 and asked about something for my CZ455. They said they used to do the 452 but had discontinnued the inlet.

Well I asked about an un-inletted version and they didn't know. They were great to work with and went the extra mile to get me the answers and figure out a way to get me an un-inletted stock.

While this was going on I asked on multiple forums and through PM's about who I could get to inlet this stock. George was recommended and was awesome enough to take on the project.

I am super stoked because having this stock done was the biggest hurdle of the build.

I still have to get the action slicked up (probably by DJ or someone similar)

and I will have 2 of my barrels (already have a spare .22lr and 17hmr) shrouded by brimstone a la Tac Sol SBX to keep the package short and handy.

They bottom metal was made by one of our local members here (ChrisMacD) and it is awesome too!

I have a Trigger Shoe from DIP (going to test it out) and will either do a trigger job or get the Mr.Fly trigger from CZ.

To Top it off I have a Vortext 2.5-10 Viper HS scope waiting for it.

For any who want to know more about the benefit of a weird shaped stock like this below is a link to the GRS video and they do a good job of talked about why it works.

Here is a photo of a GRS stock from one of our members who lives in Europe (I think)

The GRS does have more bells and whistles as to the ease of adjusting the cheek rest and buttpad but you can only get it in Europe (or at least you could when I was getting this all set up).

I know once this is all done this rifle will be one I will be passing down to my kids (just need to decide which one or need to slowly build more )

Once again George has been great to work with and his work looks awesome

Sorry for the long post but as you can see it has been a long process and I am totally stoked about it.
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Old 11-12-2016, 12:57 AM
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Moving forward on this bit by bit. Sanding on some stocks and then take a break from that and work on the mill. I got the pillars rough cut and ready to go. I mounted the pillars in place, using pan head screws mating to a centered countersink in the pillar, to maintain pillar center on on the receiver. This way each time I checked the bolt fit, the action would be in the same place each time. Without rotating from one side to the other. I needed to get the bolt relief cut done, before I bed this stock.

First off was top set up the angle mill table and 4" vice that I would be doing the work in. Once it was all located I set up an indicator and made sure the set up was true to the main table on the X and Z axis. That was finished at +/-.001. Then I had to figure out how to set up the original stock, so as not to damage it, and get it true to the top rail and receiver inlet. I cut a piece of laminate blank waste so it had a flat side and a tapered side that mated up closely with the taper on the bottom of the stock. You can see the set-up in this pic. I adjusted the angle table / vise to 0, in the bolt relief cut, to match the mill table.

I had previously taken the action and set it in position in the stock. After which I used a razor knife and marked the end to end extents of the relief in the receiver. Then took the new stock and set it in the vice, using another piece that matched the stock taper. Obviously knowing the angle was the same as the original stock, since I had not changed it.

Then start milling the bolt relief, with the proper size straight end mill.

At this point the bolt fit pretty well. But I needed to check and make sure the bolt "bottomed" out on the action, as it should, and not on the stock. So I took a little inlet black and smeared a thin layer on the flat underside of the bolt. Then reinstalled the bolt and set the pillared action in the stock. After which I rotated the bolt until it bottomed out.

As you can see from the following pic, the bolt was touching the stock (where the black mark is). Wasn't much, but it needed to be cleared so the fit is correct, and the bolt has a full range of motion with no interference from contacting the stock.

Took a piece of flat material, just a bit under the width of the bolt relief cut, wrapped it with 120 grit sand paper and worked the spot until there was no contact at all.

More to come:

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