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Old 08-06-2019, 09:13 PM

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'New' BPR-22

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New member here. I recently started getting into rimfires. Like the older 'hardware store' guns.

Anyway, I was visiting the in-laws and they have several guns they just no longer shoot. One of them was a Browning BPR-22 and it had been giving them problems.

Wasn't feeding worth a %%%% and apparently was misfiring (although the 22's fed by hand seemed to fire OK).

Although it was not one of your normal 'hardware store' ones, I don't have a pump action yet and wanted one, and it was SOOO pretty (looks almost brand new except for very minor wood dings from racking it in the gun cabinet)

Well, I like fixing things, and it was such a pretty thing, that I told them I would buy it.

Got it home and gave it the once over.

Feeding issue turned out to be fairly simple. It is not a 22 LR, but a 22 Mag. Well, no big deal, I was going to get a 22 Mag at some point.

Next issue was when I looked at a manual to take it apart to clean, it seems to be missing a spring called a 'top ramp'. Found that online pretty easily, so on its way.

Now, before I took it apart, I did test fire it with 22 WMR and it DID misfire around 1 round in 3, But it was really old ammo and I had not cleaned it at that point.

The manual I found said that firing on an empty chamber wont hurt it (unusual for a rimfire I hear) and it doesn't appear to use a conventional firing pin but a striker that hits a dual purpose component that also acts as an ejector which looks in good order to me. So don't think the problem lies there

So, if when I replace the missing 'top ramp' and take it back to the range after cleaning, with new ammo, and it STILL misfires, am I correct in that the only thing left is the spring? Just looking ahead is all.

Still, pretty happy with it. It really is a nice looking gun, and although I thought it was a 22 LR, not too fussed it is a 22 WMR as I had intended to get one down the line.

I always chuckle to myself when people post asking opinions about their purchase AFTER they did it, but what are peoples thoughts about the BPR-22? Are they typical of other Browning in terms of quality?
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Old 08-06-2019, 11:28 PM

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Sorry can't answer your questions, hopefully someone else can. But welcome to the forum!
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Old 08-12-2019, 10:29 PM

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The replacement top ramp and clean did not resolve the issue. Also used new CCI ammo.

Disappointed, but couldn't really see how the missing 'Top Ramp' would case the issue.

This time, I had a closer look at the bolt. There seemed to be some drag when pushing on the firing pin ejector. Wondered if that was slowing down the strike on the cartridge 'just enough'.

Took the bolt apart and examined the 'firing pin ejector' part. It really looks OK, especially the part that strikes the cartridge. But as I had it apart, I did give a light polish with Flitz on the sides of the firing pin ejector. Not a mirror finish or anything, but just to smooth it out a touch. Just the sides that move in the slot in the bolt. Nothing that touches the cartridge.

Put that back together, then examined the striker spring. I am wondering if the issue is there. It really looks like it was cut or broken at one end.

I counted 38 coils on mine, I don't suppose anybody has a BPR-22 WMR and can check their striker spring to see if it has more than 38 coils?

Did a quick look on the interweb and it seems these striker spring are not exactly available on Amazon, so I might try a small spacer to effectively 'take up the slack'.

Unless someone has found a spring that acts as an equivalent?

I really like this gun. A 22 WMR was on my 'one day' list, and the BPR is such a good looking gun, that I would love to get it working again. Any pointers or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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