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Old 08-19-2019, 10:47 AM
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JamesHP, Wolfshoon's advice & info is spot on in my experience. I'd purchased several CF suppressors before buying my 1st one designed for RF use, so was used to the waiting period. The 1st CF can I bought required quite a long wait - over a year IIRC - and to top it off, that suppressor was not at all good accuracy-wise, as there was a large variation in POI after removing & placing it back on the rifles I used it on. Oh yeah - it was quiet, but the POI shift was at least 1MOA, and worse, was in various directions, no matter how much care I took in removing & replacing it. I was very, very fortunate that a local SOT/NFA dealer wanted it, as it was the 'correct' suppressor for a full-auto rifle he owned, and was willing to trade me straight across for a new suppressor that's much more accurate & trouble free - but I still had to pay the stamp tax and wait 6mo for the stamp to arrive.

A couple years later, while I was starting to build myself a precision repeater on a Stiller 2500XR action, I decided that I was going to want/need a suppressor suitable for use on a .22RF. I'd just started doing some online research to help me select a suitable model when I stopped in at the same dealer's shop who'd helped me out before. He had one of the models that I'd identified as having the features I was interested in, and just by dumb luck, was running a special to pay for the stamp on any suppressor purchased. Cha-ching! Sold! Ring me up! I decided on the spot that no more research was necessary...lol That SWR SpectreII turned out to be an excellent choice, even if it did take the customary 6mo wait for the stamp to come back. I've been very satisfied with it, and only bought another RF suppressor because I'm a huge fan of Thunder Beast suppressors, and they'd just come out with their 22TD model. I shoot nothing but std vel match ammo in my various .22RF rifles, and in each & every one of them, the loudest sound I hear when shooting suppressed is the sound of the firing pin striking the rim of the cartridge in the chamber. Hand the rifle to someone else and let them shoot it, and you'll realize just how wonderfully quiet a suppressed .22 really is with std vel ammo. IMHO, the only downside to using a suppressor on a .22RF is how filthy they get inside. You'll need to disassemble & clean a typical RF suppressor every 400-500rds, so do some research on how best to clean them.

Good luck with your new Anschutz when it arrives - you picked out a truly beautiful one!

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Old 06-08-2021, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by JamesHP View Post
Here is are a couple pics
I just cant get over how nice that stock is, I am still envious years later. I have this page set for logging into RFC so I see it every time I log in.
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