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Old 03-17-2006, 11:02 AM
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CMP Rimfire Sporter Rifle Competition .... !

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Hi All,

CMP's concept of Rimfire Sporter Rifle multi-position competition is relatively new, having been started in 2002. It borrows to some extent from existing High-Power Rifle "Across-the-Course" and "Garand/Military Bolt Rifle" formats, and may be considered as an entry point to these games for those who wish to proceed further. However, it stands alone as a very challenging, yet inexpensive, style of competition ... one suitable for folk of any age or gender ... of any level of experience!

The rules mandate the use of relatively low-cost (sic) .22LR calibre sporter rifles such as can be obtained at virtually any local gun or department store. The use of the "exotic" and expensive auxiliary gear, such as shooting jackets, trousers, gloves, boots, specialised slings and the like, utilised in NRA and International Prone, Free-Rifle and 3-Position events is expressly forbidden by the rules. This is a game that the whole family can enjoy to the fullest using only "Grandads' old 22" that's been sitting behind the kitchen door all these years ... well - more or less !

Sound interesting? Need to know more? OK!

Seeing as you're already "On the Internet", head over to the CMP website and download a copy of their very informative booklet, "The CMP Guide to Rimfire Sporter Rifle Shooting". An alternative approach is to "cross their palms with silver" as the gypsy said, and buy a copy of it. The same advice goes for the official Rulebook ... it also is downloadable, or can be purchased in a compact bound format. Now the Rulebook contains the Rules for all forms of CMP competition, so if you go the "downloading route", you only need to print out the complete Section 11 ! Here's the links ! - for the "Rimfire Guide" - for the "Rulebook"

Now read them! Still interested? OK!

Do you already belong to, or have a Rifle/Sportsmens Club in your area? Check with them ... see if they might perhaps be already involved in the game. If not do a little salesmanship and get them involved! Still no results?

Do you have a public shooting range at your disposal ... many State or Local organisations have them ! Maybe there's enough room on your own property to set one up ? The capability of safely setting up targets at ranges of 25 and 50 yards is all that is required. Get back to the CMP website again, access the CMP Online Store and order yourself a few packs of their CMP-B.19 full-size targets and replacement centres. For one individual to shoot a match it takes 1 Full-size target and 6 replacement centres. (Rimfire Targets)

Now ... even if there's nothing formal in your area, you're almost set to "shoot a match." I say "almost!" It helps to have a friend to call out "Start" and "Stop" commands when you shoot the Rapid Fire stages, although a stop clock with large digits, conveniently located, is not an impossibility !

Thank you,
Bryan - The Fuzzy Limey

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