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Old 10-19-2013, 02:35 PM
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1885 bpcr

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Earlier in the year i posted some photos of a receiver and a blank. I asked for some opinions and got a lot of great ones. Now I have finally collected all the parts, and I am now 1.5 weeks into the project.

This is what I know so far about the rifle in hand. It is a first series Highwall, made by winchester before 1900. It was originally a 32 or 35 calibre black powder, and it was supplied from the factory with the original trigger design, and mainspring design where it attached to the bottom of the barrel instead of the plunger design. The upper tang has no badge which proves it's early birth, and the only markings I can find on it, is a P to the left of the barrel on the face of the receiver, and the calibre's on the extractor. Thats it!

So here is what I've done to it to raise it to its former glory. The tang had to be cut, and a new one welded on due to the radical modifications done to it previously to make it a 219 D. Wasp. The breach block was converted back to BP Centerfire with the original firing pin design, then the breach block was milled square to fit the barrel tennon, and receiver races. Then the extractor was modified to fit the bigger 45 Sharps cartridge. The #3 profile barrel was chambered to 45-90 to use Lead Cast paper patch bullets, and the crown was cut at 90 degrees to mimic the original crowning techniques. I still haven't found a proper rear sight for the barrel, and the front sight is a Lyman for the time being till my Spirit Level Globe arrives. The rear sight is a Lee Shavers, but i'm having to modify the spring to allow the sight to tilt forward for long distance shooting. The Sight radius is exactly 34" when properly adjusted and the rifle as is weights 10.8 lbs. I still have to put a lead ingot in the buttstock to move the balance point closer to the receiver. The fore end is attached VIA a beveled bedding block that is attached to the barrel with two 10-32 screws. The eschutcheon was then fabricated and inletted into the fore end, then rounded to make the grip smooth and sturdy. Although the front stock looks as though it goes into the receiver, it touches the receiver in no way, to allow me to have a sort of free floating barrel. This is a Steven Dodd Hughes idea I implemented and It turned out very well. THe last finishing touch on the metal was timing the screws. All internal and external screws are timed to flow together with the lines of the rifle.

Final part of the fitting, is I am taking it out to shoot today and tomorrow to allow me to shave down the cheek piece till it is just right.

Here are some picks of the unfinished product.

Here it is with a little water on the stock to highlight the grain.
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