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Old 02-04-2014, 07:49 PM
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Smile Factory Stock Ruger 10/22 Step by Step

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If you have been around RFC for a while (Ive been here since 2003) and in the 10/22 section specifically you have seen at least a few posts that go something like this:
I just bought a new 10/22 what mods should I do to it?

This brought me to,
Bang for the buck.

A few months ago I hatched a plan to see which 10/22 modifications work the best, or more correctly which mods make the most improvement. So instead of, I did a trigger, barrel, and bolt (all at once) I am going to do the mods one at a time.

This isnt going to be a budget build, I am only going to upgrade the stock rifle, when I am finished the rifle will be as close to stock as I can make it. (No aftermarket barrel, stock etc.)

I spoke w/your moderator Dr. Gunner (at length) who helped me develop the idea further and here is what we came up with:

~Which Modification Makes the most difference to a stock 10/22s reliability and accuracy?~

Lets agree that usually the recommendations to fix the 10/22s are,
~Trigger Job~
~Re-Chamber barrel~
~Address bolt issues (aka bolt job) radius bolt body, pin & re-shape firing pin, replace extractor~
~Charging Handle~

In order to find out which mods make the most difference I will make one change, shoot the rifle with 3 types of ammo (from the same lot) and score the groups.

I plan to use CCI Blazer, Federal Auto Match and CCI Mini Mags. I figure with the current ammo situation, those are fairly representative of what is out there without going exotic or sub sonic (and at frankly it is what I have the most of)

To that end I went out and bought 2 new 100% stock 10/22s.

Rifle # 1 (here after referred to as 827 for its serial number prefix) is a K10/22 RBBRBZ Model #01273

Rifle # 2 (here after referred to as 826 for its serial number prefix) is a K10/22 RB-BBZ Model #01109

The Process, Step by step

Step 1, Measure the trigger pull on each rifle.
To accomplish this, I am going to use my Lyman Digital trigger pull gauge and take an average of 20. I am going to dry fire the rifle 20 times and get an average trigger pull.

Step 2, Disassemble and clean each rifle.

Step 3, Reassemble each rifle and mount a Weaver # 849398 3 - 9 x 32 Adj. Obj. Matte Dual-X scope. I am going to use the factory supplied Ruger mount and my favorite Leupold Rifleman rings (Low)

Step 4, Repeat step 1.

Step 5, Sight in and break-in rifle with 50 rounds of CCI Blazer.

Step 6, Break down and clean rifle.

Step 7, Re-assemble rifle and check trigger pull as described in Step 1 & Step 4.

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