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Old 04-06-2009, 08:21 AM
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Long Range Shootin

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My cousins & I have a 100 yrd range we built on our farm . Saturday we were shooting our 22 . I have Rem 513 T & they both have CMP Mosbergs I forget the model # . We decided to shoot a little further so we hung a 10" O.D. steel plate in a tree ended up being 165 yds. Shooting from the prone position & spoting for each other we all got sightd in and could hit the plate about every time .

We moved location where we could shoot a little farther . We set up at 200 yds . We had a 16" O.D. plate & 6" O.D. plate . Again we spotted for each other
got sighted . Got to where we could hit the 6" plate 8 out of 10 times or so.

Then we moved the plates to 313 yards . We all ran out of sight ajustment . and where droping about 3 feet short but after a about 10 shots of Kentucky windage I finally hit the big plate . We all got to where we could hit the big plate more often than not . You could shoot lean over to work the bolt about the time you get another round chamberd you here Ding. We could barley see the 6" disk at 313 yds and the sights coverd it up but after a bit of shooting i hit the 6" plate 3 times in a row . You talk about fun & a chalenge .

I don' t know how many of you have tried shooting long range with a 22
but it sure is a blast . If you get the chance you may be suprised like we were.
As soon as I can get a base made for my redfield sight to move it higher We will try 400 maybe 500 yds. It sure is fun trying.
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Old 04-06-2009, 08:40 AM
sgt. george
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I once brought one of my Winchester 69's with me to a 200 yard range where I was practicing for a Marine Corps League match. Once I was satisfied with the M1917 that I planned to use for the match, I took out the 69 to see what it could do. I was using a centerfire target for my experiment. The outer ring of the target was about a foot diameter and the black X ring was 4" in diameter. With the exception of the first five shots that I needed for sight adjustment and zeroing, all of the shots I fired (25) were on paper. Not all were in the black, obviously, but were there on paper and I was able to count them (no great groups). I was satisfied that they were on paper at that distance with a 5 MPH or so cross breeze. The nice thing about the shooting that day was the sounds. I had taken off my ear protection and could hear the bullet's impact on the target @ a second or two after the crack of the shot. I really enjoyed that shoot that day. I practically had the range to myself, it was a warm late spring day, the sun was going down at my back, and I was content with my performance that day. Don't get too many days like that anymore.
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