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Old 06-15-2019, 04:33 PM
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The term accuracy when comparing 22 lr and hmr gets thrown around a bit.
Few factors to consider.
Shot out of a machine rest and wind tunnel, 22 lr certainly could be more accurate than 17 hmr.
But enter the shooter, the holder of the gun, and the wind and varied distances when shooting. Plus add speed of HMR. It spends less time in the barrel.

So in the wild 17 hmr just might be odds on favorite vs 22 lr.

Same can be said of hm2 as well.

In the wild trajectory of 22 lr can be a deal breaker.. Especially at longer distances and where the rifle may be canted just a little.

To each their own. I’ll take my hm2 cz455 on a 100 yard squirrel shot every day of the week over a 22 lr fired, even from my Annie in the wild. Same goes for 80 yards too. And 125 yards..

Game like squirrels can move at last moments. So the hmr or hm2 would be harder to get out of the way of odds wise based on time alone. Meaning avoiding a clean miss or more of a less desirable harvest shot. l These situations over time can add up and a hmr or hm2 shooter just might put more meat on the table.

I have fired enough 22 lr, hmr and hm2 at distance at squirrels. I see the practical advantage. I have hunted in the winter using 22 lr. And pulled off some good shots. These same shots though imo would have been more cakewalk shots with good shooting hmr or hm2. I am talking shots greater than 70 yards out to 95 using 22 lr.

This winter will be my first with hm2. We’ll see what happens. I think I already know though. Based on what squirrels I have already bagged at 120 plus yards this spring squirrel season.

You see here’s the problem with 22 lr at distance.
A squirrel is perched at 75 yards. You ahoot and miss. Squirrel jumps down and goes up another tree that is 82 yards. You have to laser. Waste time. Then you got to adjust your hold.
Both 17 hmr and hm2. Just raise the rifle get on him and fire. Done deal.
So less to compute with follup up shots where game moves somewhat distance wise.

5 yards is a lot for 22 lr at 80 yards trajectory wise.
Not squat with 17 hmr or hm2 really,

Some folks on this forum get too wrapped up with on paper performance in more controlled settings.

I like putting great deal of stock on the IN the WILD performance/ advantages.

These 22 lr longer distance shoots. Like 75 plus yards.
They should allow 17 rimfire to enter if they think 22 lr is the Mac daddy, right??
No way a 17 cal shooter should even get close to winning.
Take their entry money and smile.
Who knows a 17 cal shooter just might hold up the trophy at the end. Lol

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