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Old 04-01-2017, 05:08 PM
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In some of my experiments in the not so long ago past, with mainspring housing springs that were done long before we had as many "negative Nancy's" as we do these days around here, I found some springs available through "Wolf Gunsprings" that had a higher pound rating than those they actually sell for the Ruger Mark pistol mainspring housing assembly.

I even posted comparison pictures with all the pertinent dimensions involved that provided those springs with the extra pound rating to drive the hammer a bit faster and with more strength to detonate the priming compound for these Ruger Mark pistols. I even had a couple of "beta testers" willing to try mainspring housing assemblies that I set up with the proviso they would return those with an honest report as to what they found, be it good or BAD. All reported GOOD results with those springs installed. It's too bad that we can't do those sort of experiments these days due to the few who'd rather deny and argue about something they know nothing about or have even tried to use.
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Old 04-01-2017, 06:02 PM

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Stock spring

Just to clarify, my replacement spring is a stock Ruger part and the difference in length is due to set/wear. BTW, in the absence of a neat fixture for spring replacement like yours I drilled two holes 1/16"apart on opposite sides of the housing and used two small screwdrivers to "lever" the spring down in the housing
far enough to allow replacing the ball and lever and put the pin back in. In any case, with the "new style" firing pin and the new mainspring my pistol now runs 100 Automatch without a FTF.
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