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Old 12-30-2015, 02:30 PM
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2015 Ultimate Contest Winner: "Ultimate VQ 17HM2 Squirrel Rifle" by azguy

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2015 Ultimate 10-22 Contest Winner: "Ultimate VQ 17HM2 Squirrel Rifle":

Rifle Name----------------------------------Owner-------Builder

"Ultimate VQ 17HM2 Squirrel Rifle"--------azguy------azguy

Dedication, by azguy:

I wanted to thank everyone who took part by voting in this poll. And obviously greatly appreciate the support I received for the HM2 build. The finalists are all really great rifles that most anyone would be proud to have. Many hours went into each and every one. Congrats to all.

But most of all, I feel that everyone contributes to the RFC anytime they come by and espercially when they post descriptions and pics of what they are doing. I learn something in here every time I visit. The overwhelming supportive nature of everyone on this site in helping new folks and old hands is nothing short of amazing. If not for the encouragement given by all, both by commenting in the various threads, as well as suggestions and information freely given, I would not have had the opportunity to try and grow my skills. Ya'll made this build as much as anyone. And I feel encouraged to push the envelope and to try even harder. I am confident that many of us have been encouraged to try things we might not have, if it were not for the RFC communities support.

Last but not least, I wanted to be sure to thank all the moderators and admin for keeping this site true to it's roots. This is the most unique and knowledgable group of folks I have ever had the honor to be aquainted with. And many thanks for all the work done by DrGunner on this contest, as well as his continuous and tireless support and efforts, on the behalf of the entire RFC community.

Thanks folks, I cannot say it any better than, "Ya'll ROCK!".

Build Description and Specifications:

I carved this stock from a beautiful quilted maple blank. Note that the butt, forend tip and grip cap are all from the same chunk of walnut burl. I cut the butt, tip and cap with an 'S' cut and then had to hand fit them all so there are no gaps between the stock and the accents. I had the white metal grip cap and hand fitted neidner butt plate engraved. The barreled action is all Volquartsen chambered in 17HM2. I modified the 416SS receiver by adding a KIDD Rear Tang and ,in addition, I had the bolt jeweled. The action is fully bedded with a front full length bedded pillar. The snake fluted barrel is fully floated and the snake fluting works well with the 'S' cut butt, tip and cap to pull the entire build together. The sling swivel studs are GrovTec US units. The finish is all TruOil, innumerable coats protected with a few coats of Renaissance wax. To say I am pleased with the outcome of the hours and hours of work, would be a gross understatement. Target pic, in the extensive build thread, attests to the operation and accuracy of this firearm. Sure is one heck of a squirrel rifle. Thanks for looking!

Quilted Maple Sporter stock with Roll-Over Cheekpiece / "S" Cut Walnut Burl Butt spacer, Forend Tip and Grip Cap spacer. Inlet for Kidd Rear Tang and Front Full Length Pillar. All bedded using Devcon 10110. Finished in TruOil to a High Gloss / Carved by, and all work done by, Azguy.
Neidner Butt Plate and Grip Cap, Both in the White and Engraved by Diane Scalese / Firearms Engraver, Big Sandy, Montana. Hand Fitted by Azguy
GrovTec Sling Swivel Studs with black spacers
Volquartsen Stainless Semi-Auto Barreled Action in 17HM2
Snake Fluted SS Matte Black Barrel with Integral Compensator and Threaded Receiver Fit Tang
Volquartsen TG2000 Trigger Group
Volquartsen 17HM2 CNC Bolt that has been Jeweled
Volquartsen Matte Black 416SS Threaded Receiver that Azguy modified for, and installed, a Kidd Rear Tang on.
Burris Rings with Bushnell Dusk & Dawn, 6-24 X 40mm, Mil Dot Recticle, Matte Black Rifle Scope







And she is a shooter as well. And the last 10 rounds of the day, at 50 yds. Yes, there are a full 10 rounds in the pic. 50 rounds thru the tube and no problems whatsoever.


Click HERE

to link to the CONTEST ENTRY POST and view MORE PICS of azguy's Ultimate VQ 17HM2 Squirrel Rifle!!!

Click HERE to link to the BUILD THREAD.


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Old 01-07-2016, 11:56 PM
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Congratulations! Gorgeous work!
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There are some amazingly talented people here, who lead the way on what can be achieved, set the bar, and inspire those who aspire to be as good.

(And in my case, realise our limitations...but can, and do, appreciate those who head the pack.)
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