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Old 06-25-2019, 01:32 AM
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Two interesting older pre-charged pneumatics

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As per the title, first up is the Sportsmatch GC2.

These rifles were made between approximately 1987 and 1995 by Sportsmatch, better known for their range of scope mounts. It was co designed by John Ford, the then owner of Sportsmatch and Gerald Cardew (author of The Airgun From Trigger To Muzzle), the 'GC' in the rifles name:

This is a Mk3 version, in total there were somewhere over 300 of these rifles made.

It is different from most pcp rifles in that it uses a regulated blow off valve system rather than a knock open valve and hammer set up.

To fire the rifle the button at the rear of the action is pushed in until it locks, this closes the blow off valve and allows air to bleed into the regulator chamber from the main reservoir.

Whilst this is occurring a pellet is loaded via the conventional bolt mechanism.

Once the pellet is loaded and you are ready to fire, the safety button is depressed allowing the cocking button to return to its rest position and allowing the trigger to operate.

Upon firing the valve stem is released and blows rearwards under the pressure in the firing chamber allowing the air to propel the pellet up the barrel.

In effect it has only one moving part on firing.

The other rifle is an Air Arms NJR100:

This is the top of the line FT rifle from Air Arms 100 Series of rifles, their second foray into pre-charged rifles after the success of their first pcp rifle the Shamal.

The stock was designed by champion field target shooter Nick Jenkinson, and is closely based on the stock on his own FT rifle at the time. The NJR stands for Nick Jenkinson Replica.

The action is regulated and has one of the best match triggers on any pre-charged rifle.

Although both of these rifles are over 25 years old, they shoot as well now as they did when first built and will more than hold their own against more modern designs.

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Old 06-25-2019, 06:50 AM
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Very nice RockDrill! ...they make my Marauder look like an old homeless guy

Thanks for sharing,

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Old 06-25-2019, 02:36 PM
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Beautiful Rockdrill; thank you for posting the pics--I really enjoyed them.
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