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Old 07-23-2016, 11:59 PM
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52D stock

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I'm wondering if anyone on this thread can tell me about this stock. It's on an early (1962) 52D. Came with palm rest, butt hook, handstop (not in photo) & bipod rest. (I have submitted photos on two other 52D sticky threads but they are pending "approval" by the moderators for the past 2 days).

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Old 03-12-2019, 09:06 AM
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Early C-Sporter

Its been way too long since we have had a good C-Sporter thread on here, so I'm gonna throw something out in this Sticky. The back story is a common one. Dad went to college with some right-minded individuals with whom he hunted. They went on to grad school and ended up living in the same general area where they remained friends. When I got out of college, paid off all my loans and actually had some free money, I started buying nice .22 rifles. One thing led to another and while talking with one of dad's grad school cronies', we got on the subject of nice .22 rifles. Low and behold, dad's buddy was a full-fledged collector of some of the finest .22 rifles ever made. He found me several nice rifles over the years from friends that were selling. He would occasionally drag out a classic from his safe for me to look at and was teaching me the basics of that model and gun collecting in general.

On one fine day, he drags out a C-Sporter in fantastic condition and presented a 30 minute lecture on the virtues of the vaunted C-Sporter. I would search high and low for a C-Sporter for several years. I cut deals on 3 of them and each one of them were shipped back as unsatisfactory for some reason or another. Over the next 10 years, I bet I looked at dad's buddies' (now my buddies') C Sporter 10 times and was just amazed at how nice it was. Fast forward about ten years when I happened to host dad and his buddy for a little gray squirrel hunt at my house. It was there that dad's buddy told me he was going to start slowly selling off some of his collection to friends on a low-key basis.

I visited my buddy one day while I was in the neighborhood to show off a new gun I had added to my stable. Shortly thereafter by friend brings out 2 C-Sporters that look identical and said he was going to sell them and that if I wanted one, I could have first dibs. I carefully inspected both of them and noticed that they both had Dulite-blued barrels and that the muzzle was blued on both of them. They were both milled ramp, metal butt guns. My buddy said he bought them off Gun List in 1970. The barrel and muzzle bluing threw me off based on all of the RFC posts I had read over the years, so I called JohnOhio and told him what I was looking at. John confirmed that everything sounded correct on the bluing; that both guns (about 20 numbers apart) were very early C guns that were using left over B Sporter barrels before the new rust-blued, white muzzle standard production run started. The gun I chose had a 53 barrel date and the other earlier gun had a 52 barrel date.

So, in short, the very early C Sporters with the left-over B barrels had muzzles that were Dulite blued. Some photographic evidence:

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Old 03-12-2019, 09:28 PM
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%%%% that's purdy!
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