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Old 01-16-2006, 07:08 AM
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Firing Pin advice from Calfee

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I've been keeping notes of information about the Suhl 150. I found this on another board and wish I could properly cite its source, but I don't think Bill would mind my passing on the information... Michael

"Calfee Firing Pin Spring -
Friend jayb:

Suhl's need a good mainspring because of the round shape and large tip size of the firing pin...old Suhl springs weaken over the years...
You can obtain new Extra Power spring from Wolff springs @ 1-800-545-0077.
I use the spring for the 1700 series Anschutz, which is their stock number # 30463. This spring will interchange with the old Suhl spring just fine.

Now, you must listen to this carefully please:

The cocking piece for the Suhl firing pin is threaded on. When you replace the spring you must remove the jam nut, which is staked in place, then very carefully measure the distance from the rear end of the firing pin to the back edge of the cocking piece.

When you install the new spring, the cocking piece must be threaded back to the exact same location on the can't miss this even a few thousandths of an inch. Here's why. The Suhl firing pin is mechanically stopped by a shoulder on the pin striking a counterbore inside the front of the bolt body. So if your firing pin protrusion, the amount that the pin sticks past the opening in the bolt nose, is proper now, it will be proper after you change the spring..
BUT, what you can do if you don't get the cocking piece back exactly like it was before, is one of two things; First, if it is screwed on too short, you won't pre-load the firing pin spring enough and ignition will be crummy....and second, if you screw it in too far, then the firing pin will no longer be mechanically stopped by the factory method, no, it will then be stopped by the cocking piece striking the bottom of the cocking cam in the bolt body...this can break your firing pin should you ever dry fire it.

Changing Suhl firing pin springs should be left to a very experienced gunsmith who fully understands the pitfalls of doing it incorrectly."

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