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How to disassemble/reassemble a P-22 Part 2 (pictures)

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To further disassemble the frame the two "stove bolts" must be removed. These are the two that I recommend removing even w/out separating the frame halves so you can clean the threads, male and female, of all oil and then apply blue loctite to the screw threads upon reassembly. Otherwise, they will vibrate loose. I guarantee it. Note the chrome trigger pin still in place.

With the stove bolts totally removed, use a drift to slide the trigger pin from the left side toward the right just slightly. What we are doing here is freeing the left side of the frame from this pin while allowing it to keep internal parts intact. The frame can now be separated. Wiggle the frame halves slightly while pulling apart and they will separate. The hammer pin will likely be holding the rear sides together. A little extra effort may be needed here.

You might note the barrel is still on the frame and tight. I red loctited it. It will come off but there is no reason to unless changing barrels. I only have one barrel. The only comment I have regarding removal of the barrel is to make sure it is properly aligned and seated before sliding on the barrel sleeve and barrel nut which should then be tightened with either blue or red loctite.

Your pistol's frame halves and internals will now look like this.

Close up of parts relationships, note rounded disconnect ears, the double spring in it's proper place for reassembly also. The trigger pin has moved slightly too much to the right, no problem but it is allowing parts to get slightly out of alignment. Note position of internal safety. Note position of trigger bar at rear engagement of trigger components. Ejector in place also. Upon assembly it is not tight. Fits over two pins.

Another photo if internal component relationships. Note internal safety and spring relationship. The small pin through the trigger holds the trigger bar and trigger spring in place. No reason to take apart unless something is broken.

relationship of components, assembled. Notice the fit of the hammer pin as it sits through the hammer. It must fit like this upon reassembly.

Note hammer is still cocked. Before disassembly of the hammer/sear assembly, pull the hammer rearward slightly,press down on the front of the sear arm, here hidden by the ejector, this will relieve pressure on the hammer so it can be let forward under the control of your thumb. This takes the pressure off all these parts and allows removal/reassembly.

Note position of sear spring and the hammer spring. Both properly assembled.

close up of components to show proper relationship.

Trigger assembly off frame just to show relationship of components, ejector off also. To remove the trigger and trigger bar assy, half cock the hammer, pull the chrome trigger pin, rotate the components out to the left side freeing the end of the trigger bar in the process. Reassembly is just the opposite. end part 2

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