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Old 01-18-2003, 12:49 PM

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kel-tec 9 or 2000 9mm.

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Does any one out there have one or has fired one of these.I seen a story about them in the Dope Bag section of American Rifleman and was wondering what they would be like to shoot.The trigger pull seems awful hard at 10 1/2 lbs.
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Old 01-18-2003, 02:07 PM
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If the trigger is anything like my Kel-Tec P11 pistol, I believe it. Without a doubt the worst trigger of anything I own. Try running 50 rounds through it, and my hand looks/feels like a chicken claw - a raw one at that!

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Old 01-18-2003, 06:45 PM
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Have a Sub2000 in 9mm. Functions flawlessly so far.
Only put a few hundred rounds through it.
Decently accurate. Sights are Mikey Mouse but work.
Doesn't sit right on your shoulder. I end up putting it
out on where my arm connects to my shoulder. Little enough
kick that is fine. Then you can lean your head over to line
up the sights. Trigger is maybe 7 lbs on mine though very

All this sounds pretty poor. But it really is lots of fun. Easy
to keep all your rounds in a paper plate at 100 yards. Light
and handy sized. Especially when folded up. Ingenious
design, with some too cheap materials. But I have to hand
to Keltec, it does indeed work. One of those things where
the sum is more than the parts. I am quite happy with it.
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Old 01-19-2003, 04:08 AM

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Thumbs up

Have a good friend who owns a Sub2000 and just loves it. I can't imagine that it would be good for anything but plinking, but then I've got friends with class 3 weapons which puzzles me too. To each their own, right?

That new Kel-Tec SU-16 really looks cool, and I am thrilled that Kel-Tech will soon be introducing their P38 (?). Supposed to be a modified P32 which will hold 6+1 in .380 at a total loaded weight of 10 oz. May well be my next discreet carry weapon.

I'm generally impressed with Kel-Tec. They seem to keep coming up with innovative products which are well built and inexpensive. There's a great owner's group with lots of ideas on how to improve the performance of the P32 and P11.

solocatsailor~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~
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