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Old 05-10-2019, 07:24 PM
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Dwell on this awhile...

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I shot my match late Thursday evening as it was starting to darken. It usually takes about an hour but figured to get it in before everyone rolled in Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I'm right handed but left eye dominant and always shoot rifles right handed. Pistols I lean my head over and shoot left eyed which looks weird but it works for me.

I had tried shooting left handed before since it occasionally pops up at a match having to shoot weak hand for a stage. I was going to shoot my Winchester 52-D with Redfield Palmas left handed/left eyed just to see how it would compare to my scored righthanded with my other guns.

Really felt weird and looked all out of kilter to anyone watching since my shoulder never did really get behind the stock and my cheek sometimes touched the stock and other times didn't.

Using the same settings as I would right handed using a Henry Rempel front bipod and a large Protector rear bag I started out thru the racks and only missed 3. Oone was due to misreading a wind call on a first round shot at 175 yards, not sure if the next was a bad round or just not paying attention to the ghost ring at 197 not being perfect since it was really getting hard to see with the dark background and sun setting. The last was 2 clicks too high on the first clay pigeon target shot.

The last 3 shots at 197 yards was done by gently putting another round in the chamber and squeezing off the shot hoping the gun hadn't moved since the black ghost ring wasn't visible around the target. All were hits due to the gun setting perfect. Having a really good front rest/bipod and good rear bags are way more important and lets any other shooter input be secondary to accuracy.

I've always preached to new shooters on the importance of making each shot identical to each other with anything that has input on the gun before, during and after the trigger is squeezed. I've also found that as you master all the small things it's become less critical on all the things you have to pay attention to for accurate shooting.

Hard to explain and most may not believe it but just like shooting the Winchester 52 left handed with very little attention to shooter input it still shot extremely well mainly due to the gun sitting happily waiting for it's trigger to be squeezed.

Some say they have to tweak their settings switching between left and right positions but I think it's the same as an accomplished shooter using the same settings shooting from prone, kneeling, standing or bench. When done correctly it's all the same, if not then it's the shooter input and that needs worked on to make it the same.

Just amazing watching all the shooters at my longrange matches improve and seeing how well they can hit the small targets at the extended distances these past few years.

OK, another day and new group coming tomorrow. Yee Haw, what a Great Country we have being able to still do this.

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