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Old 02-10-2017, 06:41 PM
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CZ 527 in 17 Hornet is finally coming around

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Back in 2015 as I retired, I decided to give my self a retirement present. After seeing all the glowing reports of CZ 527's in 17 Hornet, I decided this was to be the object of my desire. For some of you that remember, I was asking about rebarreling in 221 Fireball because my rifle was shooting so miserable. In fact groups were more like patterns. Some times it was hard to figure which 5 shoots came from where on the target. This was after 700 rounds. Trying different primers, different powders, different bullets. But back in February of last year we sold our house and moved to an apartment. So 17 Hornet experimentation came to a halt. We have now moved into a new home and a few things in the shooting market have changed.

1) Berger finally made some of their 17 cal bullets. I was able to get some

2) A new powder, CFE-BLK, came on the market and I managed to get a pound of it.

3) A1680 came back on the shelf so I got a pound of it to try. (I was desperate to find a magic formula)

I was so disgusted with the CZ 527 that I had taken its scope off and put it on my Remington 700 in 223 to shoot midrange F-Class last fall.

Last week I loaded up 25 rounds of CFE-BLK, A1680, H4198 and H322 in the 25 grain Berger HPFB. Last night I took it all to the range. After getting the scope re-zeroed, i started shooting groups. First up was CFE-BLK. The first group was 1.350 and my heart sank but I also know switching powder and bullet some guns have to get re fouled for the new combo. Next group was .681. That was noticeably smaller in the scope. Then I got .619 and ended the 5 group with .511. I was elated

Next was A1680. I got groups of .740, .855, .498, .630 and .571 All great compared to 1.5 to 2 inch groups before this night.

H4198 was OK. H322 was better than H4198 but not as good as either CFE or 1680. It did have the smallest group of .302 for the night. That shows the gun has real potential.

Then I tried some of my original that I still had. This load was H4198 with Nosler 20 gn tipped. Group 1 was .815, then .970 and finally 1.465. That was convincing proof for me that it was not the powder but the bullet and maybe powder combination.

So now I am loading up a 100 rounds of CFE-BLK and 25 gn Bergers and then trying 25 rounds of 20 and 25 V-Maxs and 20 Nosler tipped. Also, along the way, I read that Hornet needs Remington 6 1/2 primers. And all of last nights tests were with 6 1/2 primers except for the Nosler load, it was CCI-500 (small pistol primer).

I cannot tell you I feel relieved that it is coming more together. I have found that Bergers shoot the best at long range. Looks like, for me at least, they build a good 17 cal bullet also.

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