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Old 08-27-2018, 01:30 AM
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Gazpacho/zesty cold tomato soup

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This stuff is super easy to make and is a great dish in the summer's heat. Recipe:

1 small onion, peeled & quartered
1 cucumber, peeled & cut lengthwise making 4 sliced pickle type pieces
1/2 green bell pepper w/pith & seeds removed
1 clove elephant garlic, peeled
2 medium to large slicing tomatoes, peeled [I use a paring knife rather than bothering w/boiling them to loose the skins]
2C. beef broth
1 large can of tomato juice, not from concentrate, use the real deal for best results
1 tsp. hot sauce [you can use any hot sauce you like, but I prefer the Korean variety w/no seeds specifically made for dipping veggies in. I can't pronounce the name or type it since its in Korean, the only English on the label says 'spicy cocktail sauce'; I buy it at an oriental market]
2Tbs, wine vinegar [I use red wine vinegar]

Place first 6 ingredients in a blender and pulse to combine, but don't liquefy, you want some crunch init. Pour & scrape into container suitable for the whole and refrigerating. Add juice and stir by hand to combine. You may add a splork of Maggi, if desired at this time and salt [I use the ground Himalayan pink salt for it's mineral content, but any salt will do] and fresh ground black pepper, to taste.

Chill a minimum of 6~8 hours before serving. Its better when left refrigerated overnight or even longer. I serve it w/a large chunk of ice floated in the bowl on occasion and you may garnish it w/items of your own choosing like croutons, grated cheese &c. I like it as is, but tastes vary.


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Old 10-24-2018, 11:09 AM
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I know it's late in the season to post this, but I eat lots of fresh salsa during tomato season. Usually it's just tomatoes, fresh garlic, cilantro, some type of hot pepper, a splash of lime juice, and salt all liquified together in my little Ninja blender.
Pinto beans are a staple of my diet. I eat them daily. This salsa goes on my burritos, bean tacos, bean dips, quesadillas, or I just top a bowl of beans with it.
I always use fresh garlic but I'll cheat on the cilantro with dried, and I use bottled lime juice.

I freeze my extra tomatoes with a vacuum sealer. Just put 3-4 whole tomatoes in a bag, vacuum, seal and freeze. No cutting, blanching, etc. That ruins them.

Hold a frozen tomato under hot tap water to slip off the skin. Put frozen, whole tomatoes in a sauce pan to thaw and cook. Once they are hot I remove the core then put the cooked tomatoes in the Ninja with the rest of the ingredients for salsa.

The raw garlic and fresh or frozen tomatoes are more healthy than any commercial salsa.
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Old 09-10-2019, 04:16 PM
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It's steaming here in La so I gotta try this one for sure.
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