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Old 12-03-2019, 04:07 PM
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Marlin Mag Mod PSA

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As discussed here-
Post #7
doing the Marlin Mag Mod is a pretty cool project. Adding a bit of material to the main body of the mag to snug it up in the mag well can be done in several ways previously discussed in various threads.

Public Service Announcement - The issue that poked me in the eye was when I was shaping the steel Marlin Mag to fit.
The mag can easily ride high in the mag well and push up on the thin flat side of the ejector pin.
I am guessing that this ejector had a bit of metal fatigue, as it didn't take much to bend it up.

There was enough temper in the original pin for it to snap off when bent back into place.

Lesson Learned - This can easily be avoided by simply closing the bolt while fitting the new mag.
The bottom of the bolt fits right against the top edge of the ejector and will support it from above.

Solution - Turns out the repair is pretty easy. Amazon carries a nice set of 2.5 to 8mm stainless rods for about ten bucks.
The 4mm rod was a few thousandths shy of 4mm, but snugged up nicely in the hole in the receiver.

I used a small diamond drum to uniformly relieve the right amount from both sides.
It isnít machine shop precise, but functions well so far.
Since stainless is a bit softer than the original drill rod material, I opted to leave it a bit beefy.
If needed, I can always take a bit more off the bottom if it causes feed problems.

I would imagine the same shaping could be done in a vise with a file.

It is also a good idea to cut a shallow grove in the back of the pin to allow adjustment of the ejector face.
Additionally, if needed, the notch can be flared a bit to give a tighter fit.

Once fitted into place, a bit of red locktite seals the deal.

Good to know that if another ejector snaps off, itís not that difficult of a repair.

As additional precaution, I cut out a small notch in the mag where the pin rides to prevent the steel mag from hitting the ejector if over-inserted.

I do plan to play a bit more with the Marlin Mag Mod, but that will be after I get some real trigger time with the new ejector and Marlin Mag prototype.
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Old 12-04-2019, 09:07 AM
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Gobber-- Really nice job on the Marlin "magmod" and also on the replacement ejector pin. For the one or two folks that may be wondering, the slot on the outboard end of the ejector pin is merely a visual aid for alignment purposes.
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