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Old 06-21-2020, 03:02 AM

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BP 12 ga.

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I recently pulled this H&R Topper 12 ga out after not having shot it for many years. I grew up using a similar gun, and handling this one again brought back fond memories of shooting/hunting with my Dad when I was a kid. No BP loads back then; only smokeless.

I also found a bunch of old brass Winchester 12 ga hulls in my stash of "someday" stuff. I ultrasonic cleaned, primed (Large pistol primers) and loaded them. Used 75 grains of 2F Goex and old-style BP fiber cards/wads under 1) .715 balls, 2) 6 x 0 buck pellets 3) 1oz 5 shot 4) 1oz 6 shot.

Took it out to the desert yesterday to see what it would do. It's a 5# cylinder bore gun with a thin rubber pad that I hadn't fired with BP before. I expected that recoil would be mild considering the loads and (thankfully) it was.

The .715 balls were fun, and I was able to hold a nice 10" 3 shot group at 40 yds. Not bad for a smooth bore with no sights. I might have done better, but it was kinda windy. I shot the rest of them at car-size rocks about 80 yds away. Hearing them smack into granite was neat.

At ~50 yds, the 0 buck looked like one or two pellets might possibly (with luck) hit a coyote in the general vicinity of where I was pointing the gun. At 15 yds though, it was devastating on a milk jug full of water.

I "patterned" the 5 and 6 shot loads on soup cans. I didn't expect much good there, but at 15 and even out to 30 yds I was surprised to see pretty solid performance. Lots of holes in the cans, and full penetration. That made me happy.

Remainder of the shot loads were fired at cans I tossed into the air. Good fun, and a great day of smelling BP and wondering if I hit the target as the smoke clouds cleared.
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Old 06-26-2020, 10:53 AM
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Way cool!

Very nice Vee3. Lots of fun to be had with Black Powder. A friend of mine who used to shoot in CASS competition shot BP in all of his guns, shotgun, rifle, and revolvers.

I was a guest at a CASS shoot years ago, and borrowed his double barrel for the shotgun portion of my shooting. Love the smoke and smell of BP! He loaded his
shotgun with Federal paper hulls as I recall. He finally quit competition when he turned 81 a few years back

Another old friend used to use his 10 gauges with brass shell and BP to hunt birds.

I've shot many rounds of .45 Colt loaded with duplex loads in my Win. 92 copy Rossi carbine and my Ruger Vaquero. Burns very clean with 3 grains of smokeless, topped with 29 grs. of Swiss 3f, card wad, and bullet.

I still love my Cap n' Ball revolvers too. Love the smoke! How they ever fought a war with that stuff amazes me. After the first volley they could have hardly seen anything for awhile until the smoke cleared to shoot again.

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