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Old 01-01-2019, 08:23 PM

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Is it an early Mk.4

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If it is an early unit have him check to see if his Firing pin is the version with 2 holes . If so he should replace it with the single hole version as the 2 holer may break and they also can give FTF's. If this is not the case try different ammo and clean the chamber as a dirty chamber can result in not fully seating the round against the breech.

Originally Posted by mobilemail View Post
I'm curious as well. My buddy who has a MKIV told me he is having FTF issues, which I experienced in person the other day. He has tried cleaning it, different kinds of lube in the gun, etc. It seemed to me to possibly be a mag related issue, and an internet search revealed several folks battling this.

I have noticed that when you push the mag release on my buddy's gun, the mag ejects pretty forcefully, not the slight movement that occurs on my MKII. I have wondered if there is a spring that exerts enough downward pressure on the MKIV to change the way rounds feed, especially after the mag ages a bit.
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Old 01-04-2019, 02:22 AM
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This magazine fix (link below) will work on ALL Mark series pistols,,
EXCEPT the old original 9 round chrome base mags,, have not tried it those,,

Just follow it step by step and it will eliminate MOST feeding issues,,

Try it on one magazine you just HATE and see if it works for you,,
Can't make it worse,,

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Old 01-08-2019, 08:39 PM

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I bought a MK1 in 1976, a MKII in the mid 90`s, a MKIII sometime early 2000`s and just bought a hunter MK4. all my previous MK`s were the 5.5 target models blued with the new hunter in ss. As you can tell the list of things ruger got right with these didnt follow a straight line of upward improvement. The original and MKII versions saw the improved mag capacity. ok but a huge deal , not really. Some fawn over the mkII as having a great trigger and accuracy. ALL the MK`s have great accuracy. The Mk1 and Mk2 were very close in trigger, i liked the mag release at the bottom next to the mag well, was very convenient and not likely to ever drop a mag on the ground. I also loved the MK1,2 sights, plain slightly back cut front blade and square notch, nothing works better for pinpoint aiming imo. Little to complain about at that time, sold both for different reasons. the mk1 was getting wore out from countless numbers of rounds down range and tear downs after. sold that when the mk2 came out. the mk2 went because i went a different rout for a few years trying a baretta neos a browning buck mark and a sw 617 revolver. all nice in there own right but never really did as well with any of those as i had the previous ruger mks. So i ended up picking up a mk3, wish i could say mine went without a hitch, but no not so happy the first year with it. numerous reliability issues, ruger added the PC abominations. They increased the difficulty in tear down, gawd awful mag safety. well, some would of given up i felt personally challenged , and i decided to cure it. So i did over the course of a year. i fixed the ejection stovepipe issue by shaving .020" off the top of the mag catch as careful checking showed the mag with a round in it would knock a empty case off the bolt as it was cycling backwards. i replaced the trigger and hammer /sear with the vq setup, partly because with the vq hammer you can do a bolt removal without taking off the upper/ a nice plus. i polished the take down pin and the internal pin holes in the receiver as they showed roughness and a couple sharp burrs. VQ is not cleared of wrong with their excellent triggers though after all this my MKIII was running much better but only with hv ammo. took me almost into my 3rd year with the gun and luck to notice the sear was riding "drag" on the backside of the hammer. i diamond filled it down and polished and at that point it was truly done. Would now litterally fire any ammo, sv hv hp stinger cheap stuff sub sonics ss sonics 60grain. all of it and not a single non ammo related ftf fte. so ffwd 12 years or so and what do you do with your perfect MKIII ? I gave it to my son for his birthday as he always wants to shoot it when we would go to the range. I think he likes it, has great accuracy and a nice millit red dot on it whats not to like. glad its still in the family. My sights were now open and a MKIV was one of a few I was and had been thinking of since they first came out. But i didnt want to go for another target model w 5.5" bull barrel. no the Hunter with all its legacy and one i had longed for in previous MK versions. so i said no to the victory and didnt really see anything else that was tripping my interest and came across the hunter at a lgs. was just so perfect. love the new frame all billit n cnc`d looks so custom. loved it, the guy was just asking too dam much. $720 ffs and wasnt budging. So back to my other lgs who didnt have one in stock but found one i could order, last one his supplier had. biting my nails, how much, he hmmmed and said $600 like it came out like he was shure i was going to balk, but i hadnt told him they had one across the river for 120 more, i told him to order it, wasnt going to let it get away. That was the 29th. picked up the new MKIV Hunter on the 2nd. wow, sweet and first hundred rounds down the pipe before i left the store not a hint of an issue. so i did get to clean it for real when i got it home. Love the gun, only 2 minor complaints with it. no rail included , oh Ruger will happily sell you one but I guess they no longer come included. So i ordered one from TK along with their mag safety delete kit called a blast shield, going to hold off on a trigger, mine is at 4.2lbs, not shabby for a out of the box MK anything trigger. besides i can smooth it up a little when i do the mag safety delete. The other complaint, the finish. stainless but looks to be overly blasted or blasted with a media whos texture i cant fathom. Leaving it alone for now as its not a huge issue just putting it out there. while on negs the ambi safety, i used the washer to delete the right side lever, yet when the screw is snugged tight it binds the left side. locktited and left it slightly looser, but the safety action is not as positive as i would like to see. the front sight was real loose after the first shoot too. I am glad to see ruger using allen head/hex drive hardware now. lastly the speed of takedown, impressive. even after you do it a bunch showing off it brings a smile. Looking for my TK base tomorrow, anxious to get my romeo5 mounted and sighted in for a serious range trial. thanks for the patience.
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