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Old Yesterday, 01:33 PM
kingrider is online now
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**** 25 Yd SCOPED **** 9/17/20
SCORE: 490 24x
NAME: Kingrider,52
GUN: Remington 40x
SIGHTS: Scope Leupold 6.5-20 set on 20x
AMMO: Eley Action
INDIV TGTS:97 3X,99 7x,99 6x,99 6x,96 2x
Happy with this one. No 8s. I think most x’s I think I’ve had.
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Old Yesterday, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by zukiphile View Post
That's interesting inasmuch as it indicates that each shot fired gets it's own separate ritual.

I could try to replicate that by checking the spotting scope after each shot. My habit is built on pistol shooting in which strings are shot at a moderate cadence. Maybe that's a mistake with a rifle.
That is right, " each shot fired gets it's own separate ritual." Try not to tie one shot to the next. The ONLY shot that matters is the one you are taking at the moment. If you stick by that you will see scores rise. Because you will not let a sloppy shot get by that is not your best effort. There may be something to a cadence when you are on a roll and the shots are just flowing perfectly, but i think concentrating on a cadence is a distraction from the shot at hand. Think of each shot as if it is your only shot of the day, like its a million-dollar prize shot.

King has good comments about overholding. The trick for me is to repeat what works exactly on each shot. In addition to the expert advice below, i try hard to not overhold (be mentally prepared to take the first Ten) & also to do a thorough followthru for each shot (hard to stick to if you're worried about a cadence)

Here is some guidance from Charlie O, the only guy to ever break 500 in the 8 years i have run this match (he did it with iron sights yet !)
He was regularly in the 498-499 area. one heck of a shooter, well worth listening to...
"Shot plan per Charlie O:
1. Get into position or mount the rifle if already in position. I check to make sure that I put my elbows, hands, shoulders, etc. in the same place as the previous shot.

2. Take steady breaths while allowing my muscles to relax, particularly my back and thighs.

3. Pre-aim by looking over the top of the rear sight to ensure that I am aligned with my target and to allow my eyes to adjust to the light levels downrange.

4. Close my eyes and check balance. I do this mainly by paying attention to my toes. If I can feel my toes lifting or pressing against the top of my boots then my balance is incorrect and I need to rebuild my position to bring it forward. If I feel my toes pressing into the ground then my balance is shifted forward and I rebuild my position to bring it back over my heels.

5. Settle my head into the cheekpiece of the rifle. This should be a very small movement that only serves to position the eye from just above the rear sight to directly behind it. Approximately 1/2" to 1" of movement. The amount of movement will vary according to the shooter's position and rifle fit. My rifle fits me well enough that it is more or less a rotation of the head than an actual drop. If the above steps were completed correctly, then my eye should already be behind the rear sight with proper sight alignment.

6. Aim at the bull that I want to shoot.

7. Check NPA by closing my eyes and rechecking balance while continuing to calmly breathe. I also try to visualize what a perfect shot will look like during this step. I then open my eyes to see where the gun is aiming. If the NPA is good then the sight picture will look correct and I move on to the next step. If not, I return to step 1 and assess what needs to be changed in order to correct my NPA.

8. I hold my breath and begin to apply steady pressure to the trigger. I shoot a two stage trigger so I get the trigger to the second stage as I settle into the black.

9. I release the shot as soon as possible after acquiring correct sight picture. If this takes longer than about 10 seconds, I put the rifle down and start back at number 1. Overholding and trying to force the shot never works. Try as hard as you want but that sight movement isn't going to get any better.

10. After the shot breaks, follow through and watch the sights movement from the recoil. If the sight goes straight up and then back down and resettles on the bull then my natural point of aim is confirmed as good and it can be called as a ten. If the sight is off target, I can call the shot as a 9,8,7 etc. in the direction that the sight has moved. This takes about 5-10 seconds and I consider it my follow-through.

If I cannot complete and of the steps I restart the whole process all over again. Number 9 is my biggest problem. I have a hard time rejecting a shot thinking that I can turn it into a good shot. It never works. I almost always end up calling it a low ten or nine.

Shot procedures and checklists will vary slightly from person to person depending on their individual strengths and weaknesses. My shot process for the standing position is broken down into 10 parts. Other people may have more or less depending on what works best for them and how well they can concentrate on them. Every shooter should play around and experiment with different approaches to the shot until they find out what works best for them. I recommend a notebook to keep track of changes to position, rifle, etc. to help keep track of what works and what doesn't. If you make a change try to stick with it for at least 3 practice sessions to see if it makes a positive change to your scores.

Charlie Opalewski "

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