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Just for the fun of it I still had one old Fun Match target here and put it at 50m. Wind was 6-7 Mps and shifting. 7 C and overcast.

Used the CZ 452 with CCI SV scope @ 25x
Target stood low so used no back rest. Only the bipod at front.

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Old Yesterday, 08:44 AM
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This past month has been crazy. My full time job at the school has been more wait for a decision as to whether we will be here or not, than start a project we can't finish. The gun store has been crazy busy. It seems like every body that didn't want a gun last month decided that they need one to guard their TP hoard, and at least three cases of ammo as well.
Then this weekend we find out that my wife may have been exposed by a coworker at her school. After her ex-husband told their kids that they had been exposed and should quarantine themselves. I guess she thought it was some kind of joke, and came to work when she wasn't feeling well. We don't think there was much contact, but with her risk factors she gets to stay home alone for a couple of weeks.
On a more positive note, I might get out to shoot this afternoon. I finished my last class of the term, and will have one more free afternoon before the next term starts tomorrow.
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Good shooting, Řystein.

That reminds me to pick targets for April. It's been an interesting month, to say the least!

Stay healthy everybody...

Use a lid on your coffee cup. It keeps flying brass out of your beverage!

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Our education system here has been shut down for several weeks now, with notice given yesterday that it will remain that way until at least May 1.

No final exams, and students that were "on track" to graduate will do so, whatever that is defined as.

We're strictly flying "seat of the pants" from what I can see. That's fine by me, I'd rather see error on the side of caution than careless actions at this point.

Who would have guessed a year ago that the world would be in this state today?

From what I can see, the next few weeks will be more of the same as the virus hits it's peak (I hope!) in Canada.

Like Řystein, we're fortunate to live in the countryside, a 45 minute drive from our largest city in Nova Scotia. I wouldn't want to be cooped up in an apartment, living virtually on top of my neighbors.

We've been getting out for walks almost daily as weather permits, and keeping as busy as we want to be around the house.

My wife has plans to re-instate our vegetable and herb garden this year, we haven't done that for several years. We're deciding between raised beds and a traditional flat plot.
I have all the gear necessary to do either, with tractor, plow, and harrows ready to go.
Plus a sizable mound of decent topsoil and quite a few tons of composted horse manure for improving the soil.

I fully expect some degree of ammunition and reloading supply shortage, it's happening already in fact. One supplier told me his distributor has warned him to expect anything shooting related to either be in short supply or priced higher due to increased demand. I consider that price gouging, but it's not his fault.

Several of our provinces have enacted laws prohibiting price gouging, but it really only extends to essentials like sanitation supplies, medication and foodstuffs.

Keep yourselves and your families safe, guys. And keep in touch!
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