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How to disassemble/reassemble a P-22 Part 1 (pictures)

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The P-22 ready for disassembly, safety on, the short barrel model without the barrel stabilizer. With exception of removal/reassembly of the stabilizer, both pistols 5" or 3.4" are the same.

Remove the magazine and any round in the chamber. Take all ammunition to another location so you can't possibly forget what you are doing while working on the pistol and no one can come along an load a round while you went for some ice tea.

After the magazines are removed and any remaining rounds removed, visually check the pistol for any rounds. If there are no magazines and no round stuck in the chamber, it is empty and unable to fire.

The next step is to pull the takedown lever down as shown in this photo, it may be easy or hard, but it will pull down this far and no more. Do this by placing thumb and finger on the lever and pull down while wiggling from side to side.

With the takedown lever down, cock the hammer, pull the slide rearward just enough so that the slide grooves clear the frame rails, then lift the rear of the slide up slightly and push the slide forward and off the end of the barrel.

This photo shows the slide off while the slide spring and guide bar are still in place. The same position they will have upon reassembly.

Next the frame would be removed from the polymer housing. In order to accomplish this, use a drift to remove the two pins that hold the frame in the housing. The front pin is slightly longer than the rear one. Reassembly is opposite. A light hammer may be necessary with a tight new gun. The more you remove and replace them the looser they get. If tightening ever becomes necessary insert a scribe in each end, tap lightly to expand the pins as required.

The frame is now free to be pulled up out of the polymer housing, however before you do place your thumb over the slide stop mechanism and the small spring that pivots it or it will fly out and that little spring is easy to loose. Some folks insert the pistol into a large baggie at this point to catch the potential flyaway part.

Your disassembled P-22 will now look like this and this is as far as the Walther Co. recommends you disassemble it. At this point there is hardly anything that you can't clean and really no reason to take the pistol apart further except to fix some broken part.

Here is a photo of the top of the pistol, slide removed showing the relationship of components of assembled pistol. end part 1
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