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Old 05-12-2017, 11:04 AM

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Fixing Loose Ejectors

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The ejector on my MKII was loose rotationally, but was still tight up and down. If it was loose up/down, I'd have sent it back to Ruger to fix.

I'm posting my fix here in the MKIV forum because the ejector and rivet really hasn't changed from the first RST/MKI models to the current MKIVs.

The ejector is riveted to the bottom of the receiver with a tab on the back of the ejector sitting in a notch on the receiver. With my receiver turned upside down, the ejector is straight when the tab is all the way to the left in the notch. This leaves a small gap on the right. So I wondered if some of the receiver material could be drifted into the gap to hold the ejector straight.

I grabbed a center punch and put the muzzle down on a hardwood block (my vice is not padded). It's important to not punch too close to the gap, or it can slide in and push material out - making the gap bigger. I started a little less then 1/16" away and gave it a wap. This was a little too far away. So I moved down a little and cut the distance in half.

This hit was a BULLSEYE! The gap was filled nicely and my ejector is straight and rock solid! Only took about 10 minutes to get it fixed. Here's a picture with a green arrow added to the fix:

I hope this helps.
Old 05-17-2017, 08:47 PM
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This should be a "sticky" for future reference just in case someone has the same issue someday. Thank you for the post.
Old 06-01-2017, 03:33 AM

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There's much HOGWASH in the previous post.

First, the tab on the back of the ejector is NOT for "alignment purposes". It's a stop designed to prevent the ejector arm from rotating too far outward. It only functions correctly when it's against the left side of the notch, as oriented in post #1. The tab does NOT belong in the "middle of the cut-out".

Apparently, someone at Ruger thought the tab could be anywhere in the notch when they made my MKII. The tab was against the right side instead of the left. The rivet was very nicely staked, and was tight. But it left the ejector misaligned, resulting in the bolt grinding on the ejector with every cycle. See how bad it wore as a result:

It was the act of turning the ejector straight that left the rivet's hold a bit loose.

Next, squashing the (fairly soft) rivet is NOT a "better fix" than drifting the (very hard) receiver material into the notch. If you want to see a "Red Green duct tape job that probably won't last very long", you need look no further than the second photo in the previous post. WOW, is that an ugly fix!

Lastly, because of the stop, it's simply not possible for "the ejector tip to end up too far to the left". That is, unless the ejector arm gets bent while someone tries to pound the rivet with some crappy kind of holding jig.

So if you don't want to send your pistol back to Ruger, or build a quality jig to tighten only a single rivet - the center punch option is fast, easy, and reliable. Here's my nice and straight, tight ejector:

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Old 06-01-2017, 11:18 AM
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If you men are going to continue this conversation please do so without making personal insults. If you men cannot discuss things without insulting each other I invite you to put each other on your ignore lists, otherwise I implore you to act like adults.

Starting the food fight with an insult then reporting a post that responds to it isn't going to score any points.
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Old 06-10-2017, 04:56 PM
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Did Ruger do this?

Is this really a Ruger Factory repair? Pretty nasty looking!
Somebody beat the dog snot out of it!

If I had sent this gun back to Ruger, and it came back looking like this photo,
I would be very reluctant to give it back to a customer in that condition,
nor would I post a photo of it, citing it as a proper repair.

That is a very poor excuse for a "repair". I have tightened a few ejectors
by tightening the rivet, but they sure never looked like this mess.

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