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Old 05-23-2015, 05:01 PM
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Wind Compensation

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I shot a local ARA match today and the wind was all over the place. After 3 cards my average was 1985. I usually shoot a 3 card average of around 2200+. We were all at the mercy of the wind and our scores today proved this... I took 3rd place out of 10 shooters. If it wasn't this windy today, I know I could have placed better.

I'm trying to learn how to compensate for wind but, its kicking my butt. Sometimes my tecnique would work but most times i was shooting 50s when the wind kicked up. Does anyone know of an article I can read to get some pointers. If anyone has some tricks or fundamentals they would share, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 05-23-2015, 06:41 PM
Hi-NV Shooter
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Go to the rimfire benchrest shooting forum here and see the 2-stickies
benchrest 101 and the enemy of my enemy is my friend both very good

FYI there might be some tips that others could share but practice is the only learning tip I know of that works. and beleive me shooting only 4-times a month is a very slow process to learn maybe in 15-20 years I might get good at it
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Old 05-24-2015, 07:05 AM
bob finger

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Jack: If you shoot a 2200 agg in reasonable conditions there are three things to focus on;
1. get good wind flags and set them up the same EVERY time you shoot. Me, I like the flags Mike Ezell makes, but there are others out there that are very good as well.
2. Practice, practice and practice some more. Don't stay home when it is blowing a gale. Get out there and see what happens so you have some idea when you get to that big blow tournament day.
3. During any multi relay match set yourself up behind the best wind reader there and watch his flags and note what they are doing when he pulls the trigger. That is better feedback than any book ever written on the subject.

I truly hope you are blessed with something I don't have much of.....the patience to wait for my condition to return. bob
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Old 05-24-2015, 11:02 AM
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Reading the wind is nearly as much magic as anything. At a state match in CA shooting high power at 1000, I watched THE guy to beat as he scoped the wind and made his corrections. The shooter next to him was also watching and tried to match the corrections. They were neck and neck in 5's and V's right up to the last few shots. Suddenly the guy watching Jim got a 9. He watched again and Jim did another correction. The guy shoots a 9 out the other side and Jim just barely smiled as he cleaned the course. Obviously he knew the other guy was watching his corrections and either faked the sight corrections, or held "Kentucky" and won the match. Jim Hill was the shooter. Triple Distinguished, Rifle, Pistol and International. The other guy? ME and I ended up 1st loser. That was back in 1959 at Camp Matthews CA. Jim was with MTU and I was on the MCRD SDiego team.
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