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Old 12-29-2019, 11:45 AM
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izhmash times 3 and cheap ammo.

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Gave some thought about making another thread, might also copy/paste it to the long-range section too since it fits in both.

Have had my new chassied Izhmash for awhile and just got Chris's done and also a buddies that was so impressed with how they felt and they shot even at our long-range matches. These were built as PRS/NRL competition guns shooting out thru 250 yards, not BR or ELR guns.

All three have SWFA 3-15 SFP DM reticle which was only made for a couple years and perfect for PRS type matches. The floating dot also makes it nice for smaller targets at our long-range matches.

I use a Harris bipod with a slider mount, Chris uses an Atlas quick disconnect mount and Will will be using a Henry Remple.

Now to the part that caused quite a long thread on the long-range section. All three of these guns love cheap Geco Rifle ammo. I don't care what the Chrono shows both Chris's and mine are one ragged hole at 50 yards. He split 6 out of 10 bullets on my axe target at 50 yards yesterday.

The picture below needs an explanation, another shooter was trying out his new CZ 457 and was putting a few on a target that is the same size as a clay pigeon at 195 yards. His were all the below center hits that varied horizontal.

Chris wanted me to try his Izhmash so I loaded 10 in the magazine, put in 7.3 mil, held 4 tenths left and started on the clay pigeon. All 10 are in the upper right quadrant from middle up and right of center. I really don't care if it's believed or not, maybe the 10 best rounds Geco ever loaded but that's what it did and it's not the exceptation. Earlier in the day we had a Father and Son trying out our guns and they were also hitting everything they were shooting at. They are hooked and looking to get into rimfires for my matches.

My Izhmash shoots the same way with this cheap stuff, that's what we've been using all last summer even at our long-range matches just to show that if your gun likes it you don't need high dollar stuff to be competitive. If you've seen the match results you'll see how it's been doing.

We don't shoot Benchrest and I can see the pursuit for absolute best is needed there but with what we do Mother Nature is our biggest foe. I will use better stuff like Biathalon in my ELR rimfire but Chris has shot the Geco out to 350 yards and was very impressed with it in his Izhmash.

Crazy stuff this rimfire is, I know the better ammo does shoot a tighter group at 200 yards........except when you get that unexplained round that drops in well under the target. The Geco is a bit larger group overall but we've still not have that extreme dropped round come in under the target.

Maybe just lucky but we've gone thru a few cases of the Geco Rifle and am always surprised how well it does in these guns. A few of my other guns dislike the Geco but they also seem pickier with other types too. My range is in East Ohio, don't believe what we post come on over and give it a try and everyone is welcome.


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Old 01-06-2020, 06:20 AM
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Nice rifles! I haven't tried my Basic Biathlons but have had good luck with GECO & TAC22. My range on the farm is 300 with tagets at 85,100,200 & 300 yards. I shoot std vel & my buddy shoots Blazer, both do well. I just got 7 dueling trees, the cheaper 3.5" paddle drive in the ground ones that sell for under $60 & have 4 padles. They work great even at 300 yards with Aguila & CCI SV. I'm cutting 2 in half & welding to the 4 so we'll have 4 6 paddle & 1 4 paddle for hand guns. We both had to buy semi autos to compete with each other. What a blast!
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