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Originally Posted by tcr1146 View Post
For many years, I have sharpened my own pocket knives and hunting knives with mixed results! After coming to this site and reading most of the threads, I realize that I am a total neophyte! Can someone recommend a good book with the different methods, devices, and proper ways to stone sharpen, steel usage, stropping, etc! Assume I know little to nothing! Thanks, Tom
Here is all you need to know about quickly putting a razor-sharp edge on your knives in a way that preserves your blades for the longest time possible. I got one of the original Warthogs 20 years ago and have been glad ever since. But be careful! When I say "razor-sharp" that is exactly what I mean.
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I just recently started using MDF wheels and polishing compound to sharpen everything.
Fastest and easiest way to maintain an edge on a blade.
I run three 3 inch diameter wheels in an electric hand drill.
Each disk has a different grade of compound on it.
Black, which is equivalent to very fine emery cloth.
Yellow, which is a hard metal polish.
White, for a mirror finish.
Quick, effective, shaving edge in about 60 seconds.

3 inch hole saw and a piece of scrap 3/4 inch MDF cuts the disks.

3 inch 1/4-20 machine screw, washers and nylok for spindles to fit the drill chuck.
Spin the disk at medium speed and 100 grit sandpaper smooths out the hole saw kerfs.
Apply compound to the edge of the disk and ready to go.
I clamp the hand drill to the end of the work bench, top of the disk rotates away from me.
Edge of blade away from me and run along the rotating disk/compound.
Think of it as a never-ending strop. Black compound for my axe, hatchet, machetes.
Yellow for chisels, hand planes, draw knife. White compound for knives.

Leaves a polished convex edge, just like extended stropping.

The video that changed the way I maintain my edges...

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