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Originally Posted by BobforBass
Thanks guys for the replies. It's amazing to see how many young kids received the 190 as their first .22. Growing up in rural Arkansas I could walk out the back door and shoot any direction at any time. It was a blast. The great part about that is that I still can.

Now a question about re-assembly: I have read that re-assembly of the trigger assembly on the 190 is a real pain with all the small bearings, springs and tiny pins. Would someone share their personal experience with dis- and re-assembly of the 190. I haven't torn mine apart yet and want to know exactly what I'm getting into. I do have the breakdown instructions but you know how they always leave a bit of info out that is pertinent only to you at that moment!!

Again, any and all replies are welcome.

I haven't been brave enough to totally disassemble the trigger assembly. I just remove it and let it soak in break free for a while and then clean it with brake cleaner. That is one of the downsides of the 190/290 series, they trap alot of dirt in the trigger assembly. I would love to lighten the trigger pull on my 190. They are reliable lil guns even when dirty (to a point).
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