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No hope up, I was just was confused I didn't have all Jager, lol. I heard about Mitchell Arms doing a lot as shown on your post. I'm sitting here staring at my Mitchell Arms area now. Ak in 22 mag, M16A1/22 in 22LR, LW9 (Feather 9mm), Galil/22 in 22mag and Mitchell High Standard CAR15/22A3 in 22LR. I'm sure there are a few more around here hiding from me behind some other odd ball 22 stuff in the pile.

I think I looked at the Mitchell Arms bingham but wasn't nice like the early Bingham imported so I passed on it. yep, got some early import binghams around here, even a NIB chrome one with drum. They shoot nice as a fun plinker , I never tried them for bulleye though.
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