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Vincent , the stock is a B&C Anschutz stock . I sometimes swap the actions of my DSP’s with other stocks , such as the B&C and other Boyd’s stocks .
I guess I need to start another thread somewhere else when I use a rifle that’s questionable, because my quest to shot a 250 on the GM is with whatever rifle I take that day I’m shooting the Green Monster .

I’ll continue to score my own targets . When I have one that’s close , I ask my brother’s opinion. I score best edge and I believe that means it only has to touch the line of higher score . I looked over my target and didn’t see anything wrong with it . Don’t see how someone , looking at a photo of my original target would be able to score it better than someone with the original target .
Since I’m only shooting this for my pleasure , I don’t see where there would be a problem if I were to miss one . If you’re accusing me of cheating , who am I cheating on ? It’s just me , my rifle , and my target against me .

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