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Originally Posted by Chaser View Post
As we lose these guys that we have come to know via Al's internet I/we should feel like we lost a Brother..I know I do...we all love this place he helped build and maintain and I too would add my prayers to the family and friends...he will be missed as we do Cletus and Dave and Gunhawk...I get a lump in my throat just typing this...so sad to lose our good guys and I ask to quit it please...let's all go out together.
I rarely posted on here, and honestly, I don't visit very often. I haven't had time to enjoy the rimfire hobby very much. But Chaser, I agree with you. For years I had come by occasionally JUST to search all posts from ChiefDave, the guy was a hero to me. In fact, I look for information regarding his years of service during Vietnam, but have yet to notice. Anyway, when I logged on a while back and read he had passed, I was stricken with sadness. I was sad to see that my bookmarked thread of his passing has disappeared. I also recall there was a forum of our lost friends on here. I am sad I cannot find it. Is there any archived parts of this board where these threads still live on?

I guess I'm just having a down day... but it makes me happy that these great friends of ours from this board are remembered.
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