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Privacy Fence

Originally Posted by handyandy View Post
I take it your backyard has a stockade fence around it...
Actually, I have a 6 1/2 foot privacy fence.
Moreover, in my neck of the woods ...
_ awww, I mean my edge of the desert.
(Pecos County, Fort Stockton, Texas)
A man (woman, teenager) with a gun is not an alien sight.

In fact, yesterday while I was replenishing my bird feeders
_ and supervising the activities of my Pekinese.
I heard a neighbor two houses west of my home,
_ shooting at doves with a BB gun for about a half hour.
By the sound of the voices, it was an adult and a teenager.
The birds were on a power line over the property of my
_ adjacent neighbor - by the way, I don't and won't do this.

My point, I wasn't startled or surprised.
But, it was a little unexpected.
And, shortly thereafter, I didn't notice any police activity
_ in the neighborhood - no one called the law.

Even so, my objective is to remain as stealthy as possible.
With this in-mind ... I keep being drawn back to the Benjamin Marauder.
Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
Benjamin Marauder, .22 Caliber - 85.7 db
Source: Benjamin Marauder Part 2 - AGR
Subjective Loudness: 2-Low-Medium

Opening a full soda can ... 85 decibels
An unshrouded Crosman 1377 based carbine has the potential
_ to be louder than my Daisy by virtue of a shorter barrel.
Moreover, I've not seen any aftermarket barrel shrouds
_ for the 1377 - only muzzle brakes.
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