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Originally Posted by CZJedi View Post
I love CZ. LOVE. THEM (hence the user name). I just have never been able to find a good accuracy report on the 512 in .22lr to be able to compare it to the other guns I mentioned (or even to the 452).
Although I haven't set them up side by side with my bolt action CZs, the two 512s I have (American and Carbine/Varmint - both .22LR) were very accurate right out of the box. I mostly use them for plinking, or when I just want a break from bench rest intensity, but I haven't been disappointed in the way they shoot. Both have been very reliable with virtually no feed or cycling issues and they pretty much eat anything I feed them. I haven't tried very low velocity rounds, but they are quite happy with CCI SV. I don't expect bench rest performance, and I haven't put any mods into them other than scopes. As far as I'm concerned, they will out shoot any box-stock 10/22 I have used.

No question the triggers are heavy, and there isn't a lot you can do about that without a serious trigger job, but both of mine are consistent with a decently clean break. (My 455s have Bscar triggers, so I don't even pretend to compare them.)

From your list, if price is not a factor, Kidd is the obvious choice. After that, for value, and fun, no need to rule out the CZ512.
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