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Martini wear parts and can I get them?

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I have a LH MK V ISU. I have had for some while now and have not shot it much. My daughter made her HS rifle team. Though the team is focused on air rifle there are some small bore rifle matches they are encouraged to attend. Side note the HS can only support air rifle matches so powder burning matches you are on your own. Since both air rifle and small bore is shot in college they suggest shooting small bore so they have some experience. Since I have this rifle sitting here and she shoots LH I figure why not let her use it for now. She will probably only shoot 3-4 matches a year with it and practice, the rifle seems to be built like a tank. That said I would rather buy her a cheapo than wind up with a boat anchor because a part broke I can't get. I have heard the extractors are brittle and are pronged to break. Can I still get those? What else?
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