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I am not sure what caused your problem nor what fixed it. So my remarks are not to question your idea of how you cured the problem. I am glad that it is working well for you now.

I do offer some thoughts about things I have found after going through about 150 units. In regard to the length of the recoil spring, I have parted out many model 60's in the past three years, both quite old models and some new one's. Just to see how much a new gun recoil spring, which has been test fired at the factory, compares to a new spring ordered from Marlin parts I found that once they are fired they are all shortened by as much as 3/8 of an inch. Springs can lose their tinsel strength over time and in spite of the length be too weak to function properly.

Cleaning out the end of the barrel where the ejector mates is often overlooked and they really pack full of material. Also, I find that firing pins get a certain amount of material jammed along side of the channel the pin works in. The hammer also gets a channel pounded into it from continued use.

Totally cleaning a unit takes a little bit of effort, but produces great results. With a good set of punches and other simple tools, these guns can be totally disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. There are a good number of video's available on the Internet to assist a person in getting it done correctly. It takes patience and time. Just be ready to chase flying parts and keep a magnet handy if your eyes are old like mine.
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