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I read all of the above posts with great interest. My XT-22 .22Magnum does not stay open after the last shot either in fact the owners manual says it won't and to be mindful of that fact. Mine shot the Armscore 40 gr. JHP like a champ. I only shot 10 rounds in 3 new magazines to just get a feel for the pistol. I ran into a problem though taking it apart to clean it and putting it back together: the manual says something about "pinch" the guide rod spring stop for removal but I couldn't find anywhere in the schematic a picture of the guide rod spring stop. I ended up taking off a screw at the end of the guide rod spring housing with a spanner tip but that step is nowhere noted in the manual I just got lucky. Everything then came out real easy. I also noticed my guide rod has 2 springs on it one inside the other! Then upon re-assembly I couldn't for the life of me get the slide stop device to go back in. Finally I contacted a neighbor who is ex Army and thought he could show me the trick to re-inserting the slide stop lever because of his knowledge of 1911's. Sure enough he took like 10 seconds whereas I had been fooling with it for over an hour. I couldn't find any videos for the take down of the Rock Island Armory XT-22 1911 in .22 Magnum so any tips or video locations I could research regarding the take down and reassembly of the XT-22 .22 Magnum would be helpful. Any tricks on re-inserting the slide stop lever? I think my neighbor lined up the slide stop lever on the tiny half moon notch and not the slide stop cut the larger one? If there are any suggestions out there I'm all ears and could use the help thanks.
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