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Originally Posted by hara-julu View Post

Yes, pull came down to about 18 oz, then a 1x turn on the spring retainer got to 14 oz. The far rear trigger (stock configuration) is misleading in leverage since it introduces rearward pull which works against the downward action that releases the sear. Pulling the stock trigger is almost like lifting the trigger. The new location makes it a pure pivot action on the pin. The "floor" reliable pull weight is around 6 oz, which is way too light for my comfort, I can trip it with a popsicle stick held at the end between two fingers. I did zero mod to the sear, trigger/sear engagement surface, like you said, the designer got it right where it counts on this rifle. Tight chamber, massive extractor to match the tight chamber, recessed crown to avoid me messing it up when the rifle becomes a blunt instrument (falling on xs skis).

One hidden attribute of the action is that the extraction port is huge, making our relay round feeding (spare rounds fed by hand) possible without taking off the gloves. The PWS Summit action did not make this easy and that was one reason it didn't translate to the biathlon crowd.

HJ- The stock 7-2 trigger pull feels almost awkward to me. My hand position on the pistol grip of the stock is contributory toward that feeling. It always feels as if I'm "reaching" for the trigger. That, combined with the stock trigger's "back and upward/lifting" pull arc doesn't help either. Fortunately, I'm still able to shoot the rifle well due to the very light and crisp break of the trigger. I've lightened mine substantially and also tweaked the sear engagement a TINY bit to eliminate a small amount of "creep" present in the 2nd stage. The actual "break" of the trigger is really very nice.
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