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[QUOTE=Test_Engineer;11567545]I'd wager you have never known anybody shot with either a pistol or a shotgun. Unfortunately, I know families that have had members killed by both, and other members injured by both. Simple fact is no pistol slug has the raw stopping power of a load of 6 or 8 shot. And your aim doesn't need to be as accurate to inflict major damage.

Not arguing the effectiveness of the .12 or .20 gauge compared to pistol rounds at all. You're missing the point of how a pistol is quicker and more maneuverable inside a home.

No, but every patrol car I know of has a shotgun in a front seat rack. Kinda tells me something also.

The shotguns typically stay in the rack and if the LE needs a long gun, the AR is deployed. Shotguns have too much liability with buckshot and are mostly used with breacher and less than lethal loads. Dynamic entry is done with light equipped handguns. Don't get me wrong, I like shotguns but it is secondary to my house gun which is a pistol. I can deploy it the fastest and my other hand is free to open doors, push panic alarm button or fend off an attack. Like others have stated, layers of protection, and escalation of force if necessary. Ask yourself if your door is being kicked in , how fast from a dead sleep can you process what's happening and react to it?

Hollywood definitely takes liberties with things like wheel guns firing 20+ rounds without a reload, but it's no trick that racking a pump gun takes the fight out of most people without ever needing to fire a shot. The key is to perform the rack only after you have the drop on them.

You can rack a handgun too.
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