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Suhl150-1 Bolt handle poin and spring missing

I would try the Wolff, 1700 Anschutz series firing pin springs. per the advice in the Suhl Stickys. Check all the Suhl sticky's for correct info.
My Suhl 150-1 has 1 in 19 twist, and the head space was extreme. I took the barrel out, re-drilled and tapped the receiver for a larger bolt, per advice from a member on RFC, purchased a Lilja go-no go guage, and tapped the barrel back into receiver until correct with the guage, and re-drilled the barrel pin hole. There was an extreme amount of head space taken up. This may not be the correct way to correct head space; however, it worked for me. The re-drilling and tapping the two bolts in the receiver worked great for glassing, and doing away with hard to find same size bolts that comes with the Suhl. More sturdy as re-drilling/tapping the 10/22 to 1/4 x 20.s The Wolff, 1700 recoil spring makes a more pronounced indent into the 22 shell, for better ignition. I do not like spacers on my rifles.
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