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North American Rimfire Postal Matches- A new way to have fun!

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North American Rimfire Postal Matches

This is an exploratory email to seek out interest and support for a new organization that will hopefully become home to a successful Smallbore Benchrest shooting discipline.
A new twist on an old idea…shooters across the land shooting monthly matches on their own schedules and mailing in (perhaps photo and email) the results. With Factory, Custom and Unlimited classes there will be a comfort zone for every level of experience and sophistication. It will eventually, of course, rely on the competitors’ integrity and honor in complying with class limitations, general rules and regulations.
We are currently considering a new 8.5” x 14” target with four sighters and 20 record bulls, easily mailable. The targets will resemble and score like USBR targets, not ARA. Depending on the number of shooters and the economical feasibility of printing a new target system, we may just opt for the USBR target which is available from American Target Co. We don’t mean to compete with the ARA or any other organization’s matches, but supplant them such that anyone, anywhere can compete on our small stage. This will allow shooters who don’t have access to the very few sanctioned ARA or USBR matches to still compete and have fun, which is the real goal here.
Brief Summary of prospective guidelines:
22LR only, any gun, triggers, barrels, scopes, stocks, etc
Factory guns, any weight, Custom guns,10.5 lb limit, Unlimited guns, no restrictions, may restrict type and cost of ammo
Shoot targets at 50-yards during daylight hours only, scored by another shooter or witness
Only one match target may be submitted per month
Open to all shooters in Canada, Mexico and the USA
Junior (18-) and Senior (19+) divisions
Targets at cost with match fees of only $2-3 per month
Please mention this to your smallbore friends and for starters send an email with your name and email contact information to [email protected]. That is a personal email I just set up for this purpose only. Let’s see if we can get several hundred interested parties together for openers. I will post this introduction on several forums soon, and with your help we should be able to reach a substantial population. You also have my word that your information will not be disseminated to anyone for any reason. It is strictly for our internal organizational purposes.
Assuming we can get a few hundred shooters, we can keep the cost down to a few dollars per month and still award prizes such as silver coins and the like. More on that after we see what kind of general interest we can garner in the near term. I’d like to see if we can get this organized and operational by the end of the year, such that we can begin our matches by winter or early spring, as soon as the ‘snowbound’ can get to the range!

Very truly yours,

Bill Buck, proponent and organizer
10 Roma Ct
Palm Coast, FL 32137
[email protected]
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