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I did a little internet search and checked Numerich to verify I was looking at the correct rifles. The extractor is held into the bolt in the same fashion as a Ruger 10/22 bolt extractor. There is a spring in a tube with a detent which holds pressure on the extractor. To remove the extractor you need a small screw driver to punch to push the detent to the rear to release forward pressure on the extractor. The extractor can then be wiggled out of the bolt. The Sears Model 25 is supposed be the same rifle as a High Standard A103. Numerich Arms has a schematic for the model 100 which seems to be the same design. The Sears 25 was also sold as The J C Higgins model 25. There are parts on Numerich arms for the J C Higgins model 25.

Here is a thread I found on research someone else did on a Sears Model 25.

Sears Model 25 - Some Facts and History
I was given this gun from a friend of my wife who found it cleaning out her deceased fathers garage. It was filthy and had a lot of surface rust. It’s stock had a large, wide crack and a second smaller crack and the finish was completely gone. It was complete except for the rear sight elevator but filthy dirty with accumulated dirt and grime. The bore appeared good and shinny but dirty.

I disassembled and completely cleaned the gun. It’s bolt handle was in good condition but, after cleaning and heavy wire brushing to remove rust, lacked bluing. Also, the center hole of the “take-down” escutcheon appeared worn into an oval shape which prevented a tight fit between stock and receiver. I later found they were supposed to be oval shaped and that the takedown screw just needed to be more firmly tightened. After cleaning and scrubbing the rust spots with Hoppe’s Number 9 and a copper wire brush followed with a light coat of oil to the internals and a heavy coat to the outside of the barrel and receiver the gun actually looks quite good. I’ve seen them selling up to $250.00 in good condition. The bluing on this gun is very good with a few places of very light pitting but overall, considering it’s age, it’s in very nice condition.

After spending some time on the internet here's what I learned.

Sears Model 25 .22 Caliber Semi Automatic Rifle With J.C. Higgins 4X Scope

Series 583 2501
This gun’s barrel is clearly date stamped TT but I’m unable to translate the code.

Produced by High Standard Manufacturing Company, Hamden, Connecticut 1959 to 1967

Sears Model 25 offered in Sear’s Catalog Christmas 1959 to 1966
The early Model 25 was stamped 589 2500 Later models were stamped 583 2501

The same gun was sold by Sears as a J C Higgins Model 25 for some overlapping period of time.

J C Higgins was a Sear’s brand name they used for sporting goods items from 1908 until 1962 when they replaced it with their Ted Williams brand.

The rifle was also sold by High Standard as Model A103 which evolved into their Sport King A1041 Carbine.

The J. C. Higgins 4X scope was manufactured by the W. R. Weaver Company of El Paso, Texas under license to Sears during the 1950’s into the mid 1960’s.

The scope probably was probably included with the rifle. Sears offered it’s Model 25 that way as a combination. The rifle and the scope were also sold separately.

I found an original manual for the J C Higgins Model 25 on ebay.

I located a used but nice stock on GunBroker.

I located a new bolt handle, sight elevator and escutcheon at Gun Parts that are currently on their way.

It's going with me on Wednesday for a function test. I've got my fingers crossed.

Here's a look at my "new" Sears Model 25

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