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Where To Find Russian Rimfire or Biathlon Rifle Spare Parts

Where To Find Russian Rimfire or Biathlon Rifle Spare Parts
----------------OPEN for Posting-----------------
I starting this thread to provide a place to assist Russian rimfire or Biathlon rifle enthusiasts
in locating a RU rifle/pistol or BI rifle spare parts.

The thread is now OPEN for posting.
However, it will continue to be a work in-progress.

To make this thread work, please try to observe the following suggestions/guidelines.
  • This STICKY is not intended to be a For Sale thread.
  • Posts should not be used as advertisements ... consistent with Rimfire Central Forum Rules.
i) Advertising in any of the forums is not permitted unless you are a sponsor.
Sponsors may also post in the Sponsor's Announcement Forum.

All others are to use the Trading Post and abide by the rules specific to that forum.
  • It's primary purpose will be to provide notification to interested Russian rimfire or Biathlon rifle enthusiast
    of the availability of RU rifle/pistol or BI rifle spare parts.
  • The thread should serve more as a mini Bulletin BOARD for available Russian rimfire rifles/pistols spare parts
    or Biathlon rifles replacement items within the RFC community and outside of the forum.
  • Requests for detailed information or any further discussion would be best handled by email or private message.
  • A reasonable attempt should be made to avoid price posting or cost discussions.
    However, it may not be possible to do so in all cases.
  • In such instances, a value may be associated with any rifle/pistol spare parts under consideration.
  • If warranted, Commentary, References and Links may be included.
Manufacturer and Model
Izhmash BI 7-2KO
Izhmash Sobol / Legion Sobol
Izhmash Korshun

Izhmash BI 7-3, BI 7-4
Other Biathlon Rifles
Entry Level Biathlon Rifles

Izhmash CM-2 / SM-2 Target Rifle
Vintage Vostok CM-2 Target Rifle
Other Russian Competition Rimfires

TOZ-78 & Winchester Wildcat
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