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Originally Posted by lasnyder View Post
I'm new to the forum, so this has probably been commented on... I've been building a BRN22 in a PMACA chassis for Steel Challenge... the take down screw had been loosening (I have a 12x24x3/4 on the way) and found that the receiver rocked (as commented on by the Kidd rear mount kit advertisement) but solved most of my problem by inserting a shim out of a piece of Coke can... an "L" shaped piece was initially tried and worked pretty well, but the second attempt was to thicken the shim foot... the base of the shim at the rear was folded back on itself twice for three thicknesses...the vertical remaining part holds it in place... seemed to really tighten up the assembly, and eliminated my perceived"rocking".... regards
If the action rocked in the chassis before adding the rear hold down then you still have a problem. With alot of the aftermarket stocks for the 10/22 the shorter TD screw from VQ takes care of this issue. When you get your new TD screw try installing the action without the rear tang first just to make sure. If it's still rocking then you are probably going to need to do some bedding. Even though the rear hold down makes it feel secure it's not and will probably have issues with consistent accuracy.
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