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Not much to report. The range I went to at lunch is an indoor, 25 yard range.
At 25 yards with the fluorescent lights I couldn't see the holes in the target, so I would just run a clip through the gun and then pull it in to see what happened

All of my groups were within a couple of inches of the bullseye. All shots were taken standing with no sling, using the factory fiber sights. The gun fed perfectly through 3 different brands and types of ammo. One bullet casing got stuck in the barrel, I had to pop it out with a pocket knife, but other then that it fired CCI standard velocity, Winchester Hollow Points, Federal something or others and a few mystery rounds with no issues.

It was pretty funny because when I pulled the Hatsan out of its case the range officer immediately stepped in and said "whoah, what caliber is that?", which is funny because he didn't look twice at the AK-47-22 that my coworker brought (it's a short indoor range, they don't like get a lot of long guns in there).
I still need to clean the gun again after our range outing. I will try to post some detailed pictures tomorrow.
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