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What I'm doing today with my new MkIV 22/45 is waiting for Ruger repair service in Prescott to check it over. It's due to be delivered to them before day ends.

The pistol shoots fine, but I had trouble getting either of the e-nickel magazines Both 10-round e-nickel magazines "hang up" before being fully inserted. I dis-assembled the pistol to have a clear view from the top of the pistol into the grip. If I look down while holding the pistol pointing downrange, the highest metal point on the right side of the magazine is catching on the magazine release. In order to get passed that "catch," I either have to give it firm wiggles, or push the magazine release button to let it by.

Via email inquiry to Ruger, they suggested that I make sure the magazine latch screw is tightened all the way down. They thought that might alleviate the issue. Nope, the screw was solid tight. So Ruger CS sent an RMA to send pistol and magazines in for repair. I also requested they check out the rear sight. I can lightly press down on the sight and it easily moves down, then a spring allows it to pop back up. To me, a sight shouldn't move at all. Shall see what Ruger CS says.

I'd rather say I'm heading to the range today with my MkIV. But I guess I can patiently wait and have it serviced. Ruger CS was quick with their help to get it in to them.
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