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Kind of slow around here!

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I've noticed, that it has been a while since anyone has posted about their Appleseed experience, what's everyone doing?

A range that I am a member of, is in the process of installing Electronic target systems to accommodate NRA High Power competition and KDAQT's for Appleseed. I have been fortunate, to be part of their team to validate one of the systems installed. We have been holding practice High Power matches and KDAQT's, so far, it looks like it will work very well. It's really nice, to be able to look at a screen and see where each round impacted on the target!

By the way, I attended a shoot in Hot Springs, Arkansas as a shooter, for the 19 April 1775 Day annual Appleseed, things went very well. Good scores were shot, lot's of good fellowship with other Rifleman and good food was available too. The folks in Hot Springs, really know how to make you feel welcome! We even had a couple of men show up from Texas, with a black powder cannon!

Anyhow, this is just a small portion of what I have been doing lately, involving marksmanship and Appleseed.
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