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Originally Posted by supersharp View Post
Very nice pistol ,I've seen those sights before .I don't quite understand it .Is it so you can use the iron sight? Do you get a larger field of view ? It looks very top heavy and that it would be hard to holster just curious about that.
It certainly looks very bulky. Luckily, it doesn’t feel much different, the optic window is just bigger and sits lower. Originally, it took me quite a bit of practice to get used to the higher sitting red dot on my Target and Lite. I’m excited to see if I like this or not.

As for extra weight; the polymer C-More weighs in at 3oz. The Venom I used before is 1.1oz, before the stock picatinny base clamp. ~2oz for the Venom w/ clamp seems like a safe bet. The Striplin 90* mount probably adds some weight, but I also removed the factory picatinny rail to mount the Striplin. Everything looks gigantic, but feels about the same.

Finally, this would probably be a pain to match with the right holster. Fortunately, it’s for Steel Challenge Rimfire Pistol Open, so I can use a “pistol rug” carry bag.

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