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there are several review web sites out there that go over cameras so you dont have to. But its up to you how you want to buy or do things.

heres what i use.


what i like is that i can do side by side comparisons of the phots they taken with the cameras and lenses. they will do a still live and outdoor shots and test patterns. Some are not the same, but you an get an idea on how good or not the setup is.

if and when if find 2 or 3 that i may like i will try to find locally to do the touchy feely thing and to see how it fits my hands and if the controls are in a good place. Sometimes the review may point out the sucky control(s) position and it may be true for me.

you should know by now that for things like this everyone will have their own fan boys and favorites. And this is why i choose to do my own research.
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