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Originally Posted by Scott8401 View Post
My Vudoo gonna be like getting out of Caddy into a Ford Pinto compared to my RAR Target in a MDT LSS22. Tapatalk
Yeah. Totally different beasts. I have a Ruger American Rimfire, and it is a nice product at its price point. But the Vudoo is built like a bank vault. It is heavy and rides the bags well. And it is like night and day compared with the Ruger.

I feel I should mention that the above targets were not my first ones, though. It took a couple of trips to the range to start having the rifle performing that way. My search is now on for ammunition that can shoot like that without costing $20 per box. This is rimfire after all.

Also, certain ammunition -- like CCI-SV -- chambers poorly in the Vudoo because of its chamber tolerances. Seems to like stuff made by SK and Lapua though . . . And my Eley targets, to date, aren't as good as the ones with Midas + that I posted above. So manage your expectations accordingly. And while you're waiting for your rifle to arrive, lay in a brick each of R50, Center-X, and Eley Match so that you can play a bit when you go to the range and see what does best for you.

And, of course: photos!

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